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At ChiroTouch, we don’t think billing and rejections belong together. In fact, we hate rejections and denials so much that we actually created a solution specifically for billing!

Watch ChiroTouch experts Kelly Trentacosti (Revenue Cycle Product Manager) and Michelle Butler (Senior Trainer) discuss the advantages of CTProBill. Learn how ChiroTouch can help with recurring billing errors, claims rejections, payor denials, and more! On top of learning a few new tips and tricks to alleviate the pains of billing, you’ll also gain valuable insights on some of the most common practitioner pitfalls.

Topics include:

– Top payor denials and how to avoid them.
– Top clearinghouse rejections and how to avoid them.
– Claim Validation Error Reports in ChiroTouch- Don’t let these go unattended.
– How to identify your top denial reasons in ChiroTouch through electronic posting.
– Overview for CTProClear clients on how to identify your top payor rejections.
– Key billing performance reports that every office should be monitoring routinely.
– How to avoid repeated billing errors and in your practice.
– How ChiroTouch improves your practice’s billing performance.

We’re here to help your practice perform at its best, and CTProBill is a great way to ensure you’re maximizing revenue for optimal performance.

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