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Spine care in the US has been mired in a crisis of rapidly rising costs with rapidly declining patient outcomes. Recent research has found that the spine care most patients receive is inefficient, ineffective and extremely expensive. One solution is the implementation of primary spine care practitioners (PSP) who are specially trained to provide primary care for patients with spine disease. With chiropractic as the best first choice for spine care, it would be logical for chiropractors to assume the role of PSP in the health care system. In this webinar we will learn from Drs. Mark Studin and William Owens what it takes to become PSP credentialed and what this designation can do for your patient load and referral network.

Learning highlights include:


• Why primary spine care is the long-term solution for your practice

• What it takes to become a primary spine care provider

• How to position yourself in the community as the leader in spine care


About Dr. Mark Studin

Dr. Mark Studin has been practicing chiropractic since 1981. He currently teaches at various levels in both chiropractic and medical academia in three chiropractic colleges and two medical schools. He has lectured to over 250,000 lawyers, both plaintiff and defense, and currently consults doctors of chiropractic in 49 states. This involvement gives him a unique perspective on the future trends in the chiropractic profession. Click here to view Dr. Studin’s curriculum vitae.

About Dr. William J. Owens

Dr. William J. Owens has been a practicing chiropractor since 1998. He is an adjunct associate professor at the State University of New at Buffalo, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences teaching both Family Practice and Neurology residents how to collaborate and refer to chiropractic. He was the first chiropractor to graduate from the Royal College of Physician’s Certified Physician Educatore Program in 2016.  Additionally, Dr. Owens teaches at three chiropractic colleges at the post-graduate level where he focuses on both primary medical care providers and specialists in collaborating with, and referring to, the chiropractic profession. Click here to view Dr. Owen’s curriculum vitae.

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