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Becoming an authority for chiropractic care is a great way to promote your practice and build a larger network of life-long chiropractic champions. We all know that being a subject matter authority can lead to profitability, but how does one elevate their status to that of an authority? In this webinar, Dr. Dan Sullivan will offer strategies that will allow any DC to develop a reputation as an industry leader.


Watch this webinar to learn:


•   Why chiropractic is as revolutionary today is it was in 1895

•   The #1 reason why your care is so needed and evident

•   ONE thing you must do to market and convert more

•   The evidence is In: You change lives…learn why!


About Dr. Dan Sullivan

Dr. Dan Sullivan is a chiropractor, speaker, author, and one of the most sought-after health experts in the United States. He’s well-known for showing chiropractors the profound science and proof behind what they do to give them certainty in communicating to the public.

Dr. Sullivan began investing himself into the world of Chiropractic in 2004. His mission began with building one of the largest single-doctor natural healthcare clinics in the state of Nebraska. Dr. Dan expanded his pursuit to the world of research and education in 2012, speaking to students, doctors, and the public while serving as an Official Chiropractor for the United States Wrestling team during the 2012 London Olympics. Learn more about his work at, chiropracticadvocate.com.

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