Hiring Your Chiropractic Dream Team - Chirotouch

Welcome to Catch Up with ChiroTouch with Dr. Ronnie Simms, the educational and inspirational podcast series with chiropractic’s most influential speakers.  

 In this episode, Dr. Allen Miner, from Chiro Match Makers, discusses how to hire an all-around dream team for your practice. He gives listeners advice on picking the best people for the job, from the interview to training, to selecting the right team to grow your practice for the long term.

Tune in for: 

  • Advice on how to pick the best people for the job from interviewing to training, and how to select the right team  
  • How to build your vision for your future org chart  
  • What to do after the interview process: Training, setting expectations, and salary terms  

As mentioned in this episode, download your free infographic on hiring tips or listen to another episode with Dr. Miner, “What is Your Chiro-Identity.”

Listen below or find this podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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