How to Achieve True Chiro-Success: How to Thrive Using Your Unique Talents - Chirotouch

Welcome to Catch Up with ChiroTouch with Dr. Ronnie Simms. The educational and inspirational podcast series with chiropractic’s most influential speakers.  

In this episode, Dr. Ron Oberstein, President of Life University West, self-reflects on talent, success, and happiness. He gives listeners a fresh perspective on how to turn the feelings of being stuck in your career or needing to chase after the next big thing into a true success story (Hint: it’s not what you do, but rather your mindset that determines success).   For more ideas on how your practice can thrive, download the free ebook, “The Best Solution for Every Type of Practice.”

Listen in for:  

  • How to find satisfaction in the present   
  • The positive impact of setting realistic standards 
  • What to expect from future generations of chiropractors 

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