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Episode 03: Keeping Control of Your Practice

In the third episode of Catch up with ChiroTouch, we have Dr. Brian Blask and Dr. Jeremy Todd discussing how to stay in control of your practice, when everything seems so uncontrollable. Dr. Todd shares how he is taking steps to slowly reopen his chiropractic practice and CrossFit gym while following proper social distancing guidelines in New York State.


About Guest Speaker, Dr. Jeremy Todd 

Dr. Jeremy Todd, ChiroTouch customer and chiropractor that has a practice in Island Park, New York, which is also connected to a cross fit gym he owns, while offering his services as an on-site health service trainer and rehab practitionerHe specializes in chronic and fitness/athletic related pain incorporating soft tissue and exercised based approaches. 

About the Host, Dr. Brian Blask 

Dr. Brian Blask is a magna cum laude graduate from New York Chiropractic College in 2008. Over the last four years, he has demonstrated the efficiencies and benefits of ChiroTouch to more than 1,000 chiropractic professionals. 

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