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Podcast Episode 10: The Use of Technology in a Chiropractic Practice

Dr. Richard Allen speaks with ChiroTouch specialist Dr. Brian Blask on the power of technology in chiropractic. He elaborates on how he uses these systems to manage his practice as a solo practitioner, making the software work for him, as he speaks on the evolving technology trends in healthcare and private practices.

About Guest Speaker, Dr. Richard Allen

Dr. Richard Allen worked as an associate Chiropractor in various parts of New York City and New Jersey and has treated thousands of patients for injuries from automobile accidents, work-related accidents, sports injuries, and many other types of problems. Dr. Allen’s associate experiences have allowed him the opportunity to work with athletes in a gym setting treating sports injuries, as well as being part of a multidisciplinary team of doctors, all who are leaders in their fields, treating complex cases. In 2004, he started his first office in upper Manhattan, and in 2007, he started his second office in Freehold, NJ, and most recently he opened Destination Wellness Center in Manalapan. Dr. Allen hopes to use his expertise to help the local communities and spread knowledge of the positive benefits of chiropractic and proper spinal hygiene.

About ChiroTouch Host, Dr. Brian Blask 

Dr. Brian Blask graduated magna cum laude from New York Chiropractic College in 2008. He served several years in a private practice in Syracuse, NY and four years selling medical equipment to chiropractors. Over the last four years, he has demonstrated the efficiencies and benefits of ChiroTouch to more than 1,000 chiropractic professionals. Currently, he lives in Syracuse, NY with his wife and 7-year old twins.

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