How to Build a Great Team for a Successful Chiropractic Practice - Chirotouch

Welcome to Catch Up With ChiroTouch with Dr. Ronnie Simms. Tune in to this educational and inspirational podcast series for conversations with chiropractic’s most influential speakers. 

In this episode, we get into the head of Dr. Pete Camiolo of The Remarkable CEO as he dissects his approach to team building. In the discussion with host Dr. Ronnie Simms, Dr. Camiolo speaks both to the mentality and process behind building a successful team. He covers the pitfalls of getting stuck in launch phase, how to recenter your mindset on your mission, the No. 1 attribute to look for when hiring staff, and how to properly execute the most important facet of team building – training! Tune in for his expert insights on how to build a team who not only sees your vision but can properly execute your mission. 

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