How to Build a Robust Marketing Strategy for Today’s Chiropractor - Chirotouch


Welcome to Catch Up With ChiroTouch with Dr. Ronnie Simms. Tune in to this educational and inspirational podcast series for conversations with chiropractic’s most influential speakers.

In this episode, Drs. Jason Deitch and Jeff Langmaid of The Smart Chiropractor tag team in discussing the right – and wrong – ways to approach marketing strategy. They address the issues many practices face; including the need for new patients, the feast and famine brought on by new patient discounting, and getting stuck in a marketing rut – and offer solutions to resolve them in through marketing. 

Listen in for answers to:

  • Why most practices have their marketing agendas backwards
  • How to reframe your marketing mindset for long-term sustainability
  • Ways to organize your marketing program into achievable monthly, weekly, and daily goals
  • How to monetize your audience for reliable, recurring revenue streams

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