What is Your Chiro-Identity: How Self-Discovery Can Set You on an Exciting New Path in Chiropractic - Chirotouch

Welcome to Catch Up With ChiroTouch with Dr. Ronnie Simms. Tune in to this educational and inspirational podcast series for conversations with chiropractic’s most influential speakers.  

In this episode, Dr. Allen Miner of Chiro Match Makers discusses finding your identity as a chiropractor, and applying that discovery to reach the next level of your career. He takes listeners through the three main personas most chiropractors identify with, career path options best suited for each type, and how to respond to the findings of your self-discovery journey. As mentioned in the episode, download your free infographic on helpful hiring tips.   

Listen in for answers to 

  • The science behind predictive behavior studies and the correlation with your identity  
  • Why you should never hire based on gut instinct alone   
  • The simple test to determine if you are ready to open another office location  
  • What a self-discovery journey looks like  

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