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Welcome to Catch Up with ChiroTouch with Dr. Ronnie Simms, the educational and inspirational podcast series with chiropractic’s most influential speakers.

In this episode, Dr. Tracy Wilson of Global Health Chiropractic, dives into his philosophy of how the lens through which you look at your chiropractic purpose, shapes all that you do to build your practice. He shares that his lens is the knowledge that people in this world are unnecessarily suffering because they do not know that chiropractic can help. This lens comes from his personal experience how of chiropractic eased his severe asthma as a child and helped his infant daughter thrive when traditional Western medicine fell short.

Through the telling of his inspirational journey, you will hear:

  • Why becoming a phenomenal and prolific storyteller is one of the best ways to advocate for yourself and for chiropractic
  • How to apply the What You Love vs. What You’re Good At matrix to identify your practice’s staffing needs
  • The importance of “redipping” your team into the practice culture often and how recognition, rewards, and social gatherings strengthen that culture bond
  • Why reverse engineering a financial strategy that works for you is vital to building a balanced life

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