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Welcome to Catch Up with ChiroTouch with Dr. Ronnie Simms, the educational and inspirational podcast series with chiropractic’s most influential speakers.

In this episode, we explore and celebrate women’s role in chiropractic. Featuring our guest Dr. Cathy Wendland, principal of Colby Family Chiropractic and League of Chiropractic Women Board Member, this conversation is centered on the important and expanding role women play as care providers in the predominately male-dominated chiropractic field.

While only about 20% of active chiropractors today are women (1), around 40% of chiropractic students are women – up from 22% a decade ago (2). As the gender make up of practitioners shifts to more closely reflect that of their patients (about 60% of chiropractic patients are women (3)), there needs to be an equal shift in the tools and support offered to women in the profession. Dr. Cathy discusses the physical and mental challenges women face as chiropractors and the support and resources available to help them thrive.

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1. According to 2020 statistics from U.S. Department of Labor

2. According to 2020 statistics from Palmer College and the Illinois Chiropractic Society

3. According to a 2012 Journal of Chiropractic Education article

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