Dr. Baldwin Testimonial - Chirotouch

Dr. Baldwin of Pinnacle Point Chiropractic from Grand Prairie Texas, discusses how ChiroTouch understands his practice needs and how ChiroTouch knows exactly what dashboards, reports, automation, and documentation to provide in order to help him reach his goals.


  • “I’ve had systems where it takes me 15 – 20 minutes to do a daily visit or exam. With ChiroTouch, it takes 2 – 5 minutes, sometimes even just 1 minute.”
  • “ChiroTouch understands chiropractors – exactly what my goal is. I don’t have to worry because this provides exactly what I need, pertinent to my profession… to my practice.”
  • “Just click, touch, point, and it starts note taking… As a doctor, you have to do documentation, and the system does it for you, and much faster – a more efficient way of doing it.”
  • “Productivity and efficiency are key. You do one little thing, it sets everything into motion. So using ChiroTouch really allows me to spend more time giving more care to my patients.”
  • “I can bill very easily. Instead of having to go here and go there, I have my codes and I get it over straight to the insurance. I love the flow. It’s nice and easy.”
  • “Being able to track patient visits and bill right from the system is key. Having that all together makes my job a lot easier – more efficient, so I have more time to do things for myself.”

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