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Have you ever wished you could talk to another DC about their experience with CTPRoBill? We thought so! 

We recently sat down with Dr. Steve Novelli of Novelli Wellness Center and spoke with him about his experience with billing before and after he implemented CTProBill. We asked Dr. Novelli to be as thorough as possible to give you an idea of what the free analysis process looks like.  

Hopefully, Dr. Novelli’s candid responses answer some of your burning questions and help remind you that you’re not alone!  

We think that Dr. Novelli’s honest insights about CTProBill, and the process of implementing ChiroTouch’s billing service, is a great case study for how a practice struggling with billing can greatly benefit from CTProBill. 

We’re excited to share Dr. Novelli’s experience with you, especially since we know a lot of other practices struggle with similar billing issues. 

If you have had a similar experience to Dr. Novelli, remember that ChiroTouch is here to help! Our team of billing experts is ready and willing to help you by scheduling your free, no-obligation, analysis. As you’ll soon find out from Dr. Novelli, having a dedicated team of billing experts look at your current numbers can be a real game-changer! 

Here’s what Dr. Novelli had to say: 

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your background. How did your practice get started, and how long have you been practicing?  

“I’m Dr. Stephen Novelli with Novelli Wellness Center in Orchard Park, NY and I’ve been practicing for 20 years. I started out making house calls, driving around with my portable table, and now I have a 7,000-square-foot clinic with chiropractic, physical therapy, spinal decompression, and neuropathy compression.”  

How did you learn that ChiroTouch offered an integrated billing service?  

“We had been billing insurance companies in-house, and constantly felt like we were running into dead ends with denials. As you can imagine this caused a lot of frustration with the staff. So, we started to look for alternatives and when we heard that ChiroTouch offered a billing service for their customers, I decided to reach out. I’m glad I did because CTProBill has been a complete game-changer for us.” 

What got you interested in learning more about CTProBill to schedule an initial billing analysis?  

“My interest in CTProBill was initially piqued because of our billing issues and as I started to learn a little more about the service, I became more and more excited that this could be the answer to our problem. I set up a call with one of CTProBill’s Revenue Cycle Account Executives and we had a great conversation. She offered to do a free practice analysis for us, and it was a no-brainer to say yes.” 

What were some of the issues uncovered during the billing analysis that perhaps you were unaware of?  

“The Account Executive assigned to our practice provided us with a view of our REAL numbers, (e.g.  what our collection rates were, what was outstanding, and what we weren’t following up on). It was all very insightful for me. She was able to pinpoint where we could improve our collections and then show me what was going on in a way I could understand. She also explained that with CTProBill, we would have a team of revenue cycle management experts continuously monitoring our billing activity to ensure claims were properly submitted. I was thrilled to learn that things like denials would be followed up on, and transactions would be billed correctly the first time. I only had a small team in my office, so the benefit of having an entire team to manage our billing was a huge upgrade from what we had been doing ourselves. “  

What was your overall experience with the CTProBill Account Executive?  

“From the start, she was very thorough, and it was obvious that she had a lot of expertise. I asked a lot of questions, and she was able to answer them using concrete examples; like showing me what was going on in our practice and showing me opportunities where we could streamline and optimize our billing. What I really appreciated is that she didn’t speak in generalities about how we could benefit from using CTProBill, she really helped me understand what was going on with our practice specifically.”   

How long did your analysis with our Account Executive take?  

“I had multiple conversations with her before I made the decision to sign up for CTProBill. But, after going through the analysis process in such a thorough manner, I didn’t have any doubts about moving forward. After the analysis is really when my mind was made up about needing to move forward with CTProBill. It was obvious that as I was looking to scale and grow my business that our billing team needed to grow too.” 

Was there anything particularly insightful from your initial analysis and subsequent conversations with your Account Executive that influenced your decision to partner with CTProBill?  

“I was very impressed with our Account Executive – she was a total pro. Her ability to think critically at a very high level, and still be proficient in her detailed analysis, was so important because I was looking for someone I could trust. It was a truly positive experience. Between her credibility, and the detailed analysis, there was no way I wasn’t going to pursue implementing CTProBill. It was such a positive experience that it even prompted me to look past a bad experience I had been through with a different billing company in the past.  

Beyond what I learned about where we needed to optimize our billing operations, I also knew I needed to have the infrastructure to grow. Part of that growth strategy meant having a service where I could centralize everything within one team. I just wish I had known about CTProBill sooner!”  

Would you encourage other offices to take advantage of our free, no obligation, billing analysis and why?  

“Absolutely! I have actually told some of my colleagues here in Buffalo who have ChiroTouch that they should implement CTProBill. I tell them that they’re leaving money on the table, and for me, it’s kind of like a no-brainer.  You pay a little more, but you collect a lot more! That makes way more sense than paying a little less and collecting a lot less.”  

Since partnering with CTProBill, is there anything new going on with your business?  

“We are growing! I have six doctors working for me currently, and I’m in the process of buying a practice in Rochester. It’s a good thing I already have CTProBill because I’m going to have another team of doctors working for me soon!  Knowing I have a reliable, expert team with CTProBill, allows me to feel more comfortable with scaling my organization. I’m finding that as I get more advanced, I want to have the best people on my team.  I only wish I had discovered CTProBill sooner!”  

If you’re struggling with billing, it’s time to speak with one of our CTProBill Account Executives for a free, no obligation practice analysis. Just like we did for Dr. Novelli, we’ll take a close look at your current operations in order to identify whether or not CTProBill is a good solution for your practice.  

Stop leaving revenue on the table and start using CTProBill services to help your practice reach its peak earning potential! Schedule your free analysis today and let our expert team help you identify how you can easily increase your bottom line. 

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