Dr. Turner Testimonial - Chirotouch

Dr. Lance Turner of Point Chiropractic from Monterey, California, explains how ChiroTouch is helping him get to where he wants his practice to be.



  • “It’s what I was hoping for and I had really high expectations.”
  • “I was confident throughout the process of teaching it to myself, that if I started to perform a wellness patient note, I’d be able to follow that note all the way through to the end.”
  • “One of the features I like with ChiroTouch is there’s an innate understanding by the software that sees ‘oh, okay, that’s the information he wanted. Let’s go to the next step’… It’s fantastic.”
  • “Patients love the different modes of payments that are available. I love the opportunity to do an automatic monthly payment. The contactless payment is fantastic.”
  • “With ChiroTouch, you’re able to see what your average price point is for each visit per patient… gives you an opportunity to identify where you’re not maximizing your business.”
  • “The platform works for the exact way you practice. For higher or lower patient volume practices… procedures are different from office to office, and you can make ChiroTouch really mirror the way you practice.

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