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  • Optimizing your chiropractic billing can help you generate more revenue and support your practice’s growth.
  • With automated insurance processing, you can reduce billing and coding errors, ensure you stay compliant, and retrieve patient information easily.
  • Automated insurance processing helps to reduce billing and coding errors, ensuring you stay compliant and retrieve patient information easily.
  • ChiroTouch offers comprehensive billing solutions, including claims management, accounts receivable management, and integrated services for smooth operations and faster reimbursements.

Efficient chiropractic billing processes and streamlined healthcare administration are essential for chiropractic practices. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or starting a new practice, the ChiroTouch chiropractic EHR system can help you optimize your billing operations, boost revenue generation, and streamline your practice’s financial workflow.

Here are our top 3 billing best practices that can help increase your payment rates and allow your practice to grow and serve more patients more efficiently and effectively.

1. Streamline Your Billing Workflow

With ChiroTouch, you gain access to a cloud-based billing solution that is fully integrated into your practice management software to help you automate recurring, repetitive tasks and reduce the manual data entry these tasks can require. This billing workflow optimization feature has motivated 55% of practices to switch to ChiroTouch from other management systems.

ChiroTouch helps you achieve a more efficient billing workflow in the following ways:

Automated Payment Processes

With ChiroTouch chiropractic billing software, payments automatically post to patient accounts, eliminating miscommunication, double charges, and other payment errors. 83% of users report an improvement in payment processing after switching to ChiroTouch.

ChiroTouch software can also automatically generate payment reminders and notifications for patients. These reminders can be sent via email or SMS, ensuring patients stay informed about their payment obligations and due dates. Automated reminders help reduce late or missed payments.

Flexible Payment Options

Add payment method screenshot

With ChiroTouch add-on service CT Payments, you can offer your patients flexible payment options. ChiroTouch accepts swipe or chip payments, Apple Pay ®, AndroidPay™ and Google Pay, as well as phone and online payments. This means your patients can make payments easily and conveniently, increasing your payment rate and keeping them on track.

ChiroTouch enables patients to make payments conveniently through secure online portals. Patients can access their accounts, view outstanding balances, and submit payments electronically from a convenient, user-friendly platform.

ChiroTouch also allows the practice to set up automated patient recurring payments. This feature enables patients to authorize the system to automatically process payments on a scheduled basis, such as monthly or quarterly. It ensures consistent and timely payments, reducing the risk of missed payments and improving cash flow for your practice.

Fully Integrated Systems

Fully integrated chiropractic systems eliminate data silos, reduce manual tasks, improve data accuracy, and enhance collaboration among different practice areas. These streamlined workflows increase efficiency, improve patient care, and boost cash flow and revenue generation.

ChiroTouch consolidates various areas of practice management. With the addition of CT MaxClear, claims management is combined with an insurance clearinghouse into one seamless solution. With insurance clearinghouse integration, you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors and apps, so you can process insurance claims much more quickly and easily.

With ChiroTouch’s fully integrated systems, information flows seamlessly between different modules. For example, patient data captured during scheduling or treatment is automatically updated in the billing module, reducing the need for redundant data entry. This integration streamlines workflows, minimizes errors, and enhances overall productivity.

Separate Case Types

ChiroTouch allows you to access patient accounts in a single place while keeping information separate for each case type. This helps you keep track of Medicare chiropractic and private insurance billing data in a way that makes your job easier.

With separate case types, ChiroTouch simplifies tracking and reporting for different billing categories. Practitioners can easily access and review billing data specific to each case type, ensuring accurate record-keeping and streamlined reporting processes. This level of organization enhances the efficiency of billing workflows.

processing chiropractic billing

2. Automate Your Insurance Processing

Automated insurance processing is another winner when it comes to improving chiropractic claims management. With automated processing, your practice receives reimbursement quickly and with less back-and-forth from payers and patients and fewer chiropractic coding errors and billing errors.

Automated insurance functions make your job easier by helping you:

Reduce Chiropractic Billing and Coding Errors

Errors in coding or documentation can lead to claim rejections or partial payment by the patient’s insurance company. Incorrect terminology can also result in claim denials or payment delays, especially in Medicare billing, due to its stringent regulations regarding chiropractic care.

ChiroTouch directly links the codes in your provider’s SOAP notes to the billing screen. This significantly reduces the time and potential for errors when manually transferring codes, enabling your practice to achieve up to a 98.06% payer acceptance rate.

Stay Compliant

ChiroTouch helps you stay compliant for practically audit-proof billing. Coding errors and HIPAA infractions can cost your practice money and may result in up to $1,919,173 in fines annually. It can also harm your reputation and diminish trust with your clients, so it’s vital to use chiropractic billing software that reduces the chance of potential errors and ensures chiropractic compliance.

Additionally, ChiroTouch offers educational webinars featuring chiropractic coding experts who keep you updated on relevant coding changes. Some excellent webinars to support your practice’s billing include An excellent webinar to support your practice’s billing would be Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: How Data Gathering Makes or Breaks Your Revenue Cycle. and Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: How Data Gathering Makes or Breaks Your Revenue Cycle.

Access Patient Information Easily

chiropractic billing patient information

Because ChiroTouch is cloud-based and fully integrated, front desk staff can easily pull up the diagnosis and billing codes. Front desk access to patient data streamlines invoicing and claims submission, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors. Staff also have instant access to CPT codes to ensure accurate coding and billing, reducing claim denials and payment delays.

ChiroTouch’s easy access to data improves patient interactions by allowing prompt and accurate information on billing and insurance coverage, enhancing transparency and trust. ChiroTouch integration allows seamless documentation of billing details, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date records that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Automate Billing and Posting of Insurance Payments

With ChiroTouch’s automated billing and posting functions with ChiroTouch Advanced and CT MaxClear, you won’t need to enter electronic insurance payments manually; instead, they are automatically posted to the patient ledger securely, quickly, and accurately.

ChiroTouch’s automation simplifies the reconciliation process. It matches received insurance payments with corresponding claims, easily identifying discrepancies or outstanding balances. This streamlined reconciliation saves time and effort for the billing team.

3. Simplify Electronic Explanations of Benefits (EOB)

chiropractic billing explanation of benefits

Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) are a complicated element of chiropractic billing. An EOB is a document provided by an insurance company that explains how a claim was processed and how much the patient and the insurance company are responsible for paying.

A typical EOB includes:

  • The total cost of the procedure. The cost refers to the overall charge for the services rendered by the chiropractor. It represents the amount initially billed by the healthcare provider.
  • Patient responsibility. This section outlines the portion of the total cost that the patient is responsible for paying out of pocket. It includes deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance amounts. Patient responsibility may vary depending on the terms of their insurance plan and their specific coverage.
  • Discounts that apply. Discounts mentioned in the EOB can include negotiated rates between the chiropractic practice and the insurance company. These negotiated rates are often lower than the standard fees charged, resulting in a reduced amount that the insurance company is obligated to reimburse.
  • How much the contract allows for the procedure performed. This element of an EOB reflects the maximum allowable amount the insurance company will reimburse for the specific procedure performed by the chiropractor. It is determined by the terms outlined in the contract between the insurance company and the healthcare provider.
  • The final reimbursement amount. The reimbursement value is the actual amount that the insurance company will reimburse the chiropractic practice after considering all the other factors in the EOB. It represents the payment the practice will receive for the services rendered.

It’s essential you, as a chiropractic biller, understand the data on the EOB to ensure your practice receives accurate payment from the insurance company and that everything was billed appropriately.

EOBs are critical to chiropractic billing for payment verification and ensuring accurate reimbursement. They allow cross-referencing of billed services with received payments to verify proper accounting and billing. EOBs aid in claim reconciliation, matching services to payments, identifying discrepancies, and enabling appropriate actions for resolution.

EOBs also facilitate patient communication by providing details on deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance. This enables transparent billing discussions, helping patients understand their financial responsibility and insurance coverage.

ChiroTouch simplifies EOBs by allowing you to access electronic EOBs that are automatically synced to your ChiroTouch software. ChiroTouch automatically downloads electronic remittance advice (ERA) files. This ensures that the payment information is quickly and accurately updated in the system. The auto-posting feature then applies these payments to the respective patient accounts.

Don’t Take Our Word for It!

ChiroTouch has helped numerous chiropractic practices improve billing by streamlining and automating payments and insurance claims. In our recent case study, Susan Edwards of Reliance Consulting and Management Group, highlights how her chiropractic clients who use ChiroTouch have improved their billing and practice management processes.

Susan’s company partners with chiropractors to ensure they are collecting money all the way through their revenue cycle. The company also helps chiropractic practices transition to software for billing support.

Susan has found that practitioners who use cloud-based ChiroTouch can benefit from enhanced billing visibility. She states: “They’ve got a dashboard that tells them which accounts, which encounters are still open, which ones they need to sign off on, which ones are incomplete, what’s missing, and so it just serves them so well.

Susan emphasizes that the dashboard’s easy accessibility and navigation can help promote a better practice workflow for improved billing. “Once you get this down, you’re going to see such an incredible change in your workflow. You’re going to be so grateful that it happened.”

Chiropractic Billing Solutions for Your Practice

chiropractic billing ledger

Easily manage your claims, denials, and accounts receivable with ChiroTouch so you can focus on what matters most. Our billing and coding experts on staff are here to help you get paid faster.

Keep your cash flow steady with reports and integrated services that make sure you are not delaying reimbursements or missing out on revenue you deserve for the services you provided.

  • Significantly reduce the risk of manual errors and avoid payment delays by automatically posting payments and submitting claims.
  • Reduce manual billing tasks like data entry and automate the repetitive aspects of your chiropractic billing workflow.
  • Enjoy our complete integration for claims submission, payment posting, and collections.
  • Maximize the functionality of your software with more resources, better services, and more efficient processes in one system with CT ProClear.

Transform Your Practice’s Billing With Cloud-Based ChiroTouch

Cloud-based ChiroTouch offers a comprehensive solution to transform your practice’s billing operations. With features such as automated payment processes, flexible payment options, fully integrated systems, and simplified management of EOBs, ChiroTouch streamlines workflows, reduces errors, and improves efficiency.

The ChiroTouch that you know and love just got a whole lot easier, and better! Take your practice’s billing to new heights by transitioning to cloud-based ChiroTouch.

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