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  • You can get more chiropractic patient referrals for your practice by using email campaigns, SMS texting, and post-visit communications.
  • Effective patient communication, especially post-visit, fosters deeper relationships and boosts referral rates.
  • Automated reminders can reduce no-shows, increasing patient satisfaction and contributing to a thriving practice.
  • Tailored email campaigns promoting referral programs can expand your patient base organically.
  • Using tools like CT Engage for patient engagement ensures a holistic approach to practice growth and patient retention.

Did you know that referrals can boost your profits by 25% if done effectively? For a practice to truly flourish, chiropractic patient referrals are essential. Referrals instill trust in prospective patients and drive consistent growth.

The key lies in how you reach out to existing patients. With digital patient engagement tools, you have three potent referral tools: email, SMS texting, and post-visit communications.

Each has its strengths, and when used together, they can help you engage patients in your referral program and motivate them to champion your practice.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be the spark that ignites your patient referral system. Email campaigns act as a catalyst to turn your existing patient base into active promoters of your services. Through well-crafted referral email blasts, you can engage and inspire existing patients to share the value of your practice with their network, boosting referrals.

Personalizing for Impact

One of the secrets to a compelling email is personalization. When patients feel that an email speaks directly to their experiences or interests, they’re more likely to read it and act on its content.

To foster that connection, include relatable success stories that show real results from your practice. Outline the specifics of your referral program, ensuring that patients know the process and benefits. If there are any incentives for referrals, highlight them to encourage engagement.

Segmentation is Key to Effective Emails

Segmenting your email list based on factors like patient history, demographics, or treatment types will help you deliver the right message to the right person, increasing the chance of a positive response and a potential referral.

For instance, if you’ve introduced a new technique for athletes, target patients involved in sports or interested in sports-related treatments. By tailoring your communication to this segment of your audience, you increase the relevancy of your message and the likelihood that they’ll share your services with fellow athletes.

SMS Texting

SMS stands out as an immediate and personal communication tool to boost chiropractic patient referrals — a full 98% of patients prefer texting! Its direct nature ensures patients receive and engage with messages in real time, often leading to higher response rates than other communication channels.

Using SMS helps you swiftly remind patients of the value of your services, nudging them to spread the word and recommend services to their peers.

SMS Messages to Boost Referrals

If you’re wondering how to get more patient referrals through SMS, consider sending reminders about the benefits of your services, coupled with a nudge for referrals.

A promotional text showcasing a special offer for both the referrer and the referred can incentivize engagement. For instance, “Hello [Patient’s Name], to show our appreciation, we’re offering a special deal: Refer a friend, and both of you receive a 20% discount on your next visit! Spread the wellness!”

Crafting messages with warmth and authenticity can turn a simple SMS into a powerful tool for garnering patient referrals.

Automated Texts to Reduce No-Shows

Automated texting improves patient communication, reducing the frequency of missed appointments at your practice. A 2022 study found that text reminders can reduce no-shows by 7% and same-day cancellations by 6%. By sending timely reminders, patients are kept in the loop about their upcoming sessions, ensuring they’re prepared and punctual.

A satisfied patient who feels valued and informed is likely to engage positively with the practice. This paves the way for increased referrals as content patients become enthusiastic ambassadors of the services they receive.

Post-Visit Communications

using a mobile phone to access chiropractic patient referrals

Post-visit communication reinforces the bond between your practice and the patient after their appointment concludes. Checking their well-being, addressing concerns, or expressing gratitude shows patients you genuinely care about their health journey. The communication strengthens relationships and fosters loyalty, making patients more inclined to recommend your services to others.

Types of Post-Visit Communication

Connecting with patients after appointments can make a difference in their experience. Asking for feedback through digital referral forms, sending a simple thank you, or providing referral incentives are all effective methods. These gestures show patients they’re valued, encouraging continued engagement.

Tracking and Rewarding Referrals

Effective patient referral programs also involve diligent tracking and rewarding. You gain a clearer picture of your most engaged patients by monitoring who refers and how often.

Rewards can vary, from discounts on future visits to exclusive wellness products or even simple recognition in your email newsletter. Tailoring these incentives to the preferences of your patient community can increase their impact.

Recognizing these advocates celebrates their loyalty and sets a precedent for the broader patient community. This system creates a positive cycle where current and potential referrers feel acknowledged and inspired to contribute.

Feedback and Patient Satisfaction

Patient feedback helps your practice pinpoint what’s working and what might need a tweak. Acting on this feedback increases service quality and patient satisfaction, building a stronger bond between patients and the practice.

Gathering patient feedback is easier than ever with digital intake tools for chiropractors.  With an integrated intake platform, you can send feedback surveys post-visit, ensuring a timely and convenient response. These insights become invaluable for making data-driven decisions and managing your online reputation.

Patients appreciate the ease of sharing their experiences digitally. When they see their feedback being implemented, it reinforces their trust in the practice. This encourages a deeper relationship and increases the chances that they’ll make a referral.

Boost Referral Generation with CT Engage

CT Engage, an ancillary tool from ChiroTouch, is your all-in-one patient communication platform, ensuring a seamless communication experience between your team and patients.

With CT Engage, you can attract and retain patients with automated SMS text reminders, email campaigns, and broadcast texting that let you reach out to new and existing patients to boost patient referrals.

Reduce No-Shows With Automated Reminders

Missed appointments can hit practices hard, causing an average monthly loss of over $3,200. CT Engage offers a proactive solution to this challenge. With automated text and email reminders, you can reduce your no-shows and cancellations by nearly 50%.

The platform allows patients to confirm their slots without intervention from your staff, making it more convenient for them and less time-consuming for your team. This system lets your team prioritize patient care over time-consuming phone calls, translating to a better patient experience and word-of-mouth referrals.

viewing chiropractic patient referrals

Spread the Word About Your Referral Program with Customized Email Campaigns

Growing your chiropractic practice hinges on patient referrals, and effective communication is essential in spreading the word about your referral program. CT Engage’s chiropractic email marketing capabilities are tailored for this purpose.

With its integrated features — from pre-built templates to customization options — you can craft compelling messages that spotlight your referral program. Scheduled campaigns keep referrals top of mind for existing patients, while previews ensure your message is pitch-perfect before it reaches the inboxes.

Whether you’re celebrating patient milestones, sharing health tips, or showcasing special promotions, every CT Engage email is an opportunity to encourage more patient referrals and strengthen your practice’s community.

Engage in Post-Visit Communications for Deeper Patient Relationships

As we’ve established, deepening relationships with patients post-visit can strengthen your referral rates. CT Engage offers powerful tools for those all-important communications.

Two-way and broadcast texting features ensure timely, direct communications. This eliminates the inefficiencies of phone tag and boosts patient satisfaction. Using features like pre-built templates and the capability to send group messages, you can tailor your approach to individual patients, all patients, or a select group.

The platform’s web-based dashboard centralizes communications, allowing you to schedule messages, see instant alerts, and monitor delivery and responses. CT Engage helps you ask for referrals post-visit and deepen your patient relationships through appreciation messages or by sharing success stories.

Get More Chiropractic Patient Referrals with ChiroTouch

Transform your patient engagement and supercharge referral rates using CT Engage by ChiroTouch. Seamlessly connect, communicate, and cultivate deeper relationships while ensuring every interaction is a step towards expanding your practice.

Ready to experience the difference? Schedule a demo today and discover how you can count on ChiroTouch to elevate your practice’s growth and see your patient numbers grow.

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