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May 19, 2023 by ChiroTouch Team Article Cloud


  • ChiroTouch offers advanced analytics capabilities like real-time dashboards and static reports.
  • End-of-day (EOD) reports are the most effective way to track your practice’s day-to-day performance. 
  • EOD reports provide insights into payments, charges, and appointments that help maximize profitability.
  • Use Chirotouch’s cloud analytic functions to identify areas for improvement, track progress over time, and implement solutions to optimize practice performance, leading to better patient care and financial success.

The most effective way to know how your practice performs daily is through end-of-day (EOD) reports. Real-time EODs let you see how your practice measures up in critical areas such as payments, charges, and appointments so you can shift your approach to maximize profitability.

ChiroTouch offers advanced analytics capabilities, including real-time dashboards and comprehensive static reports, that simplify end-of-day reporting. In this blog post, we’ll explore how powerful cloud analytics combined with comprehensive EOD reports can help you gain valuable insights and improve practice performance — boosting revenue and growing your business.

Better Performance Tracking

ChiroTouch cloud offers two main types of EOD reports: static reports and real-time visual dashboards. Both reports help you track practice performance to keep your business on track.

Visual Real-time Dashboards

dashboard v2

The visual dashboard in cloud-based ChiroTouch is customizable and can display data in various formats, including graphs, charts, and tables. This allows you to track trends and progress and make data-driven decisions.

You can monitor payments, charges, and other key performance indicators in real time, so you can check your progress throughout the day and adjust as needed.

Static Reports

Static reports are a traditional form of EOD reporting where data is presented in a fixed format. You can generate a PDF end-of-day report that provides a clear rundown of the day’s data, including financial data, patient appointments, and staff productivity. You can download, print, or save the report to a secure location for future reference.

With ChiroTouch’s cloud-based system, generating the PDF report is quick and easy. At the end of each day, simply run the summary report and select the option to generate the EOD report. The PDF report will provide a detailed breakdown of your practice’s daily activities. You can use this information to track progress over time and identify opportunities  for improvement.

End-of-Day Reporting With Cloud-based ChiroTouch

EODs summarize your practice’s daily activities, highlighting crucial performance metrics. These reports are vital for understanding the overall health of your practice, identifying patterns, and making changes to optimize your operations and deliver exceptional patient care.

Cloud-based Chirotouch offers new features and capabilities in EOD reporting to help you stay organized and on top of your practice. These features include the following reports, which you can customize by date range, provider, and location:

EOD Summaries

The EOD Summary provides a breakdown of charge and payment allocations and appointment totals, allowing you to clearly understand your practice’s financial performance. Additionally, it includes a Payment Summary that provides detailed information on allocated and unallocated amounts for your entire practice, so you can manage and track your revenue effectively.

chirotouch end of day summary screen

EOD Transaction Report

The EOD Transaction report consolidates the day’s transactions based on provider, location, and date, summarizing your practice’s financial activities. It allows you to easily track and analyze transactional data for each aspect of your practice.

The report includes a Payment Summary section that outlines allocated and unallocated amounts for your entire practice, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of your revenue flow.

end of day report transactions screen

EOD Appointments Report

The EOD Appointments report generates a list of all scheduled appointments for the day, encompassing crucial details such as appointment status, check-in information, and charge details.

This report helps you track and manage your daily appointment workflow, allowing you to stay organized and informed about the status of each patient visit. This clear snapshot of the day’s appointments enables efficient monitoring of patient flow and facilitates accurate charge capturing for billing.

end of day report appointments screen

How EOD Reports Help You Optimize Practice Performance

EOD reports are an essential analytics component for optimizing practice performance. They provide valuable insights and data that can be used to improve efficiency, productivity, and patient outcomes. EOD reports can:

Identify Areas for Improvement

By analyzing data from EOD reports, you can identify areas where your practice is struggling and take action to address these issues.

For example, if your EOD report shows that your practice is experiencing a high rate of patient no-shows, you can implement strategies to reduce these no-shows, such as sending appointment reminders or offering telehealth visits.

Track Progress

With EOD reports, you can track progress over time and evaluate your practice’s performance by comparing data from different periods. This comparison enables you to identify opportunities for improvement and determine if your practice is progressing positively.

EOD reports can provide key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue, patient volume, average patient wait times, cancellations, no-shows, and collection rates.

Analyzing these metrics lets you determine if your practice is meeting its goals and objectives. This data can also help you set benchmarks and targets for your practice and track progress toward achieving them.

Implement Solutions

Once you have identified areas for improvement and tracked progress over time, you can implement solutions to optimize practice performance. For example, if your EOD report shows that your practice is experiencing a high rate of denied claims, you can work with your billing team to improve your billing process and reduce the number of denied claims.

If your EOD report shows that your practice is experiencing a high rate of patient complaints, you can work with your staff to improve customer service and communication with patients.

Revolutionize Your Practice Performance with Cloud-Based ChiroTouch

The cloud version of ChiroTouch is a powerful tool for chiropractors who want to take their practice to the next level. Access to real-time data and insights allows you to optimize your practice performance and provide better patient care. Book a demo to see it in action.

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