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February 1, 2022 by ChiroTouch Team Article Insurance


  • Patient insurance verification is critical to insurance-based practices. 
  • Insurance practices suffer significant losses due to complications with patient health insurance eligibility.
  • Patient insurance verification software reduces claim denials and outstanding patient bills to improve cash flow and increase practice revenue.
  • CT Verify is a cloud-based medical insurance verification service built into ChiroTouch to expedite claims reimbursement and streamline practice workflow.
  • CT Verify works from within ChiroTouch for seamless integration of practice management and simplified insurance processing to streamline workflow, decrease claim rejection, and increase practice revenue.

Patient insurance verification software is a must for insurance-based chiropractic practices, who face challenges related to the inability to verify patient insurance information before providing care. CT Verify, the patient insurance verification service included with ChiroTouch Advanced, streamlines the insurance verification process, saving your practice time and money.

Challenges for Insurance-based Chiropractic Practices

As an insurance-based chiropractic practice, insurance eligibility issues and claim denials pose the most significant challenges to your bottom line.

The Healthcare Financial Management Association reports that the healthcare industry as a whole experienced $262 billion in claims denial losses in 2018. The Kaiser Family Foundation, which examines healthcare insurance-related issues, reported that claims denial rates vary from 1% to 50% and that 18% of these denials are due to excluded services.

Although this data applies to the healthcare system as a whole, it significantly impacts your chiropractic practice. Only about 60% of Americans have health insurance that covers chiropractic services, and out of this percentage, only 18.7% are fully covered for chiropractic care.

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CT Verify: The Cloud Solution to Patient Insurance Verification

If you are an insurance-based practice, it is vital that you use patient eligibility verification software to vet patients’ health insurance benefits before providing chiropractic care. By following our insurance claims checklist you can reduce the number of denied claims and improves upfront communication about possible out-of-pocket charges and copays before you provide services.

CT Verify, the cloud-based patient eligibility verification service that works within ChiroTouch, connects you to a vast network of insurance companies so you can check patient benefits in one quick, easy step. CT Verify helps you save time and money and allows you to more quickly and efficiently check in patients when they arrive at your practice.

As a ChiroTouch Advanced user, you gain several advantages through CT Verify. You will shorten the patient check-in process, improve claim submission accuracy and rejection rates, and benefit from more efficient staff and patient workflows.

Connect to a Network of Payers

CT Verify connects you to a vast network of health insurance claims payers. This allows you to instantly check coverage for patient healthcare plans. With an extensive network of connections, you can find the information you need for almost any insurance provider.

Automated Data Entry and Retrieval

CT Verify uses cloud technology to sync patient insurance information automatically from within ChiroTouch, your chiropractic EHR practice management system. This streamlines your workflow and lets you focus on your patients rather than redundant data entry.

View Patient Benefits

With CT Verify, you can access all your patients’ health insurance benefits prior to their visit. If they are partially covered or have no coverage, you can communicate with them about out-of-pocket costs so that they come prepared for their visit.

Improve Claim Submission Accuracy

When you understand patient health insurance coverage, you can accurately submit claims for reimbursement. Coding mistakes and treatment misclassification often result in rejected claims. Understanding your patients’ benefits and using an automated insurance processing system ensure that you submit error-free claims and receive payment promptly.

Reduce Claim Denials

Enabling the auto-check feature through CT Verify lets you stop claim denials before they happen. The system automatically checks for coverage, alerting your staff when patients are not covered for scheduled services.

Shorten Patient Check-In Process

With CT Verify, you will shorten the patient check-in process. You can run your patients’ information before they show up for their appointment and verify their insurance coverage so that they’re ready to go when they arrive. If any discrepancies arise, you can address them before the appointment rather than handling them when the patient is checking in.

Cut Down on Claim Reimbursement Time

CT Verify helps you reduce claim denials and resubmissions that drag out the time between services rendered and reimbursement. By accurately coding and classifying insurance claims the first time and preventing claims submission for patients who are not covered, you improve your reimbursement rate and shorten payment processing time.

Save Time and Money

Without insurance verification, you may end up dealing with unpaid bills and chasing collections. With CT Verify, you discover potential insurance coverage issues before performing chiropractic services.

When combined with the improved claims submissions, your practice saves time and money on unpaid balances and unreimbursed claims.

Streamline Staff Workflow

When you use CT Verify to vet patient health insurance benefits, you streamline your staff’s workflow, which improves efficiency and productivity. Your front desk staff can efficiently verify insurance coverage benefits, submit claims, and process copayments with CT Verify and ChiroTouch, freeing up time to spend on patient care.

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CT Verify and ChiroTouch: Seamless Practice Management and Insurance Processing

CT Verify is available with ChiroTouch Advanced, the cloud standard in chiropractic software for insurance practices. Working together, ChiroTouch and CT Verify offer your practice seamless practice management and insurance processing.

ChiroTouch simplifies scheduling, patient management, charting, patient ledger, and insurance processing to help you provide better patient care and increase your ROI.


ChiroTouch’s scheduling feature integrates benefits coverage with patient check-in and check-out. When you select insurance under a patient’s profile, you can view their policy information and eligibility status for their scheduled services. You can also see when their eligibility was last checked and run new checks as needed.

Patient Record

CT Verify and ChiroTouch work together to provide you with a comprehensive view of patient records for easy information retrieval. When you open a patient record, you will see their profile, appointments, insurance information, and billing on a single screen. This integration means you don’t have to spend time bouncing between programs and transferring information.


With ChiroTouch’s patient charting feature, you can enable auto-check to verify patient insurance information. You can also manually check their insurance when they arrive for an appointment. All their information appears under charting, so providers have immediate access from the exam room.

Practice Ledger

The practice ledger feature on ChiroTouch allows you to see information for your entire practice at a glance. You can quickly access patient activity and charges, payments, and balances. Payments and insurance reimbursements are posted automatically to the patient ledger.

Integrated Insurance Clearinghouse

CT Advanced includes a completely integrated insurance clearinghouse, giving your practice completely seamless insurance claims management with a single sign-in.

Save Time and Money With ChiroTouch Advanced

Patient insurance verification is essential for insured-based chiropractic practices. When you use ChiroTouch Advanced with CT Verify, you will improve claim submissions and increase on-time payments from patients to boost your bottom line. ChiroTouch users report a savings of over 20 hours per month and a 56% average revenue increase compared with their previous chiropractic EHR.

Book a demo with ChiroTouch today to find out how ChiroTouch Advanced with CT Verify can increase your practice ROI and help you provide better patient care.

Chiropractors, your job just got a lot easier.

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