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August 9, 2022 by CT Marketing Article Cloud

ChiroTouch: Empowering Chiropractors through Continuous Improvement  

At ChiroTouch, our approach to continuous improvement involves everyone – all our people and our customers. It’s why we’ve been the leader in chiropractic software for over 20 years.  

Building on our experience and your feedback, we keep improving our all-in-one EHR and practice management solution so you can keep doing what you do, even better.   

ChiroTouch is loaded with everything you need to take your practice to the next level of efficiency and profitability. Our completely integrated solution covers you every step of the way, eliminating the need for multiple systems and vendors.   

Why Choose ChiroTouch?

  • Access anytime, anywhere, on any device – all you need is a browser
  • Compliant SOAP notes in seconds
  • Easy to learn, use, and access
  • Online appointment and scheduling   
  • End-to-end customization  
  • Integrated payment processing for care plans and subscriptions  
  • All-in-one charting provider screen   
  • Patient management  
  • Ledger, invoicing, and receipts  
  • Superbills, CMS-1500  
  • Practice dashboard and reporting  
  • Real-time secure data back-up and unlimited file storage  
  • Great for cash and paper billing practices 

Capability You Can Count On  

You’ll love ChiroTouch because it lets you see your schedule if you’re sick or have a personal emergency; you can finish up chart notes from home and even schedule a new patient from your cell phone.   

Plus, it makes it much easier to onboard staff, navigates the functionality, and receive the same benefits no matter who you are or what type of device or location you’re using.  

  • Freedom to work from anywhere, on any device, anytime; even your schedule is always available for when life gets in the way of work.  
  • Everything is available in one window; no more opening multiple apps to get through the day; you’ll get the same great experience regardless of your device.  
  • Built-in disaster recovery and non-stop data back-ups give you more peace of mind, as your data and customizations, the backbone of your practice, are protected.  
  • No more expensive servers to buy and maintain; all you need is a browser. 

Change For The Better   

We continuously enhance and update features all the time. So, what are the newest features and functionality? 

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI)  

For Practices  

Multi-Location Support that Won’t Cost You More 

ChiroTouch supports multiple locations at no extra cost to you. That’s right, you can manage all your locations within a single application. From availability to scheduling, charting, and billing, our multi-location capability makes managing multiple locations a breeze.  

You can easily manage multiple locations with a single ChiroTouch login, which is great for practices that see patients at more than one location. That means patients can be scheduled at one location, and rescheduled at a different location, with patient billing unified across locations.   

You can filter all your data and views based on the location(s) you want to see – or view them all together. You can even customize the settings for each location – from online booking to provider availability to scheduling to billing.  

You can also manage schedules, appointments, billing, and reports across all your practice locations. That’s better for your practice, your providers, and your patients.  

New and Enhanced Dashboards  

Our new enhanced dashboards will help you: 

  • Identify if an encounter has not been created for an appointment. 
  • Track income by rendering provider. 
  • Analyze inventory and quickly determine which items need to be reordered. 
  • Get an overview of claims and their status. 
  • Track patient cases and authorizations. 

As a result, you can: 

  • Use revenue-based visuals to assist with income analysis, claims processing, and inventory. 
  • Ensure all appointments have a corresponding encounter for compliance and revenue purposes. 
  • Easily determine inventory items that are on hand or which items are low, based on inventory flags. 

For Providers  

BulletTouch Personal Injury (PI) Macro Set  

Do you want to create compliant, robust, proven Personal Injury (PI) case documentation quickly?  

Our industry-leading Personal Injury (PI) macro set is developed by experts and built to speed up documentation of personal injury cases.  

Using our PI Macro set, you can quickly and easily document your Personal Injury (PI) encounters. Moreover, it supports chart note documentation with research citations built in, saving time and reducing errors. 

Code Bundle Diagnoses and Charges Together  

With this new feature, you can create groupings of diagnoses and charges (along with their pointers) and add them to encounters with a single click. You can significantly speed up documentation for common visit types by creating groups of diagnoses and charges and adding them to an encounter with the click of a button. 

By bundling charges and diagnosis codes together, which reduces clicks, it’s easier for providers to complete their documentation and get it over to billing. Ultimately, going to fewer screens speeds up workflow, giving doctors more time to spend with patients. 

For Billers  

Patient Online Payments  

Do you want to increase patient satisfaction and retention? You can now provide convenient, modern payment methods for your patients.

Using our new Patient Online Payments feature enhancement, you can send statement notifications to patients to view online. As a result, your patients can review their statements in the patient portal and make a payment online. Not only that, all payments are automatically allocated to the applicable patient charges, significantly reducing the time to collect patient payments by instantly sharing statements and allowing them to easily and rapidly pay online at their convenience. Plus, patients can easily view all their statements and receipts online. Now that’s an experience your practice and patients will love. 

Inventory Management  

The release of Inventory Management gives you the ability to streamline inventory management. The new inventory management capability means billers can: 

  • Track inventory directly in ChiroTouch. 
  • Automatically count down levels as inventory is sold. 
  • Set reorder levels, so you never run out of stock again. 

There’s no need to use a separate system to track and manually record inventory purchases and stock levels. Our low-stock inventory alerts are built in, so you can track your inventory directly within ChiroTouch. Automatic notifications, which can help keep you ahead of the supply chain, ensure you have what you need in stock when needed. We even alert you when your stock is running low, so you never run out. 

Specialist Billing 

If your practice relies on specialists to provide your patients with the best quality care they deserve, it’s now easy to submit claims for those patient services your specialists offer.   

Don’t let billing complications stand in the way of providing the best quality care for your patients. Our new specialist billing capability allows you to: 

  • Easily submit claims as a specialist 
  • Default the billing provider that appears on the specialists’ claims, or edit the provider directly on the claim 

Putting patients’ needs at the forefront of your practice just got easier. 

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