ChiroTouch Integrated Chiropractic EHR Simplifies Insurance

With a fully integrated chiropractic EHR system, insurance practices can perform insurance billing in-house without extensive training or multiple specialized tools. The right software connects you with automated insurance clearinghouses and uses an autocoding engine to speed up insurance billing for your practice.

This helpful guide gives you an overview of why in-house processing is preferable to outsourced insurance billing and knowledge of integrated payment options.

Learn about:

  • Insurance billing basics for chiropractic practices
  • The difference between outsourced and in-house chiropractic billing
  • Why in-house billing makes sense for insurance-based practices
  • The benefits of using fully integrated chiropractic EHR like ChiroTouch for your practice and your patients

Download this helpful guide to learn how ChiroTouch, a fully integrated chiropractic EHR practice management system, can save you time and money on insurance billing for your chiropractic practice.


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