Dr. Langston Testimonial - Chirotouch

Dr. Sherri Langston of Langston Chiropractic from Florence, Alabama, explains how ChiroTouch Advanced gives her peace of mind that everything is done right in her insurance-based practice.

  • “It was literally that easy. I was using it within that same day, playing around with it because I was so excited.”
  • “You can bring up your schedule, check  them in, create the encounter, check them out, view other encounters, edit their demographics right there with three little buttons.”
  • “Completely integrated, and it all works together seamlessly.”
  • “With electronic claims billing, I instantly know that it was sent, if there was a problem with it, and if it went through. Not only am I sending it out quicker, but I’m also getting reimbursed quicker.”
  • “The claims management just helps us do exactly what it says. It helps us manage everything, and helps do it in an efficient way.”
  • “What used to take my 15 minutes, I can now do in 5. It saves me a lot of time each day.”
  • “It automates everything for you and makes it fool-proof.”

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