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Every day, chiropractors must rely on a unique skill set to assist their patients. A chiropractor needs to be able to discuss each patient’s problems and then provide the necessary treatments.

But while chiropractors spend most of their time treating their patients, successful providers do much more than that — they are responsible for seeing that all aspects of their practices run smoothly.

Chiropractors Oversee All Functions of Their Practices

Aside from providing therapeutic treatment for a range of musculoskeletal issues, chiropractors need to deliver effective and organized care to their patients, regardless of the market or the economy. They also have to make sure patients, payments, and billing flow smoothly to keep their practices going and growing.

Solo practitioners often do all of this themselves. They may handle accounting and insurance claim management. They must also understand the unique aspects of running their practices, including knowing how to keep their revenue streams flowing.

To do all of this successfully, chiropractors need reliable chiropractic practice management software. An efficient system contributes to smooth office administration so providers can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with their patients.

The following list outlines the functions that many chiropractors must deal with each day (in addition to treating patients) and how the right integrated chiropractic EHR software can help them run efficient and profitable practices.

Infographic - Day In the Life of a Chiropractor

Scheduling Patients

Because chiropractic practices lose an average of $3200 per month in missed appointments, patient scheduling is key to a smooth revenue cycle. Chiropractors can’t afford to overlook its importance in day-to-day operations.

With the right EHR system, chiropractors can easily schedule patients and manage appointments — from the treatment room or even from home — with an online scheduling function.

What’s more, a system that lets patients book and reschedule appointments without being restricted to office hours helps to decrease no-shows.

Appointment management software can also result in fewer input errors, and the schedule is always up to date. Letting patients book, cancel, and reschedule their own appointments can also free up staff’s time to complete other office tasks.

Appointment management software integrated with the EHR can also ensure that prior records are immediately available at treatment appointments for patients who have previously visited your practice.

This can result in shorter waiting time to see a chiropractor, which will help attract loyal patients who appreciate getting fast and efficient service.

Treating Patients and Documenting Treatment

Chiropractor Treating Female Patient

As a chiropractor provides patient care throughout the day, they must document patient visits with SOAP notes. This method of inputting patient information is standard among healthcare practitioners, creating a universal system that allows all providers to share information efficiently.

To increase the ease with which chiropractors can share patient information with other healthcare team members, charting digitally via an integrated EHR system is a must.

Manually filling out SOAP charts is tedious and time-consuming. A fully integrated chiropractic EHR solution streamlines the process by using customizable macros and presets as well as touch screen functionality so that you spend less time charting and more time interacting with patients.

Good integrated chiropractic EHR software can also protect practices from audits and claims denials. Diagnosis and treatment codes on SOAP notes must match billing codes and charges on patient invoices and insurance claims. A good EHR system will transfer codes from treatment notes to reduce compliance errors that could result in denials and heavy fines.

Overseeing Payment Processing

Credit Card Exchange

More than 35 million patients visit chiropractors every year, which means chiropractors must keep track of the varying payment methods used by their patients.

Since direct payments are the most common, chiropractors need an efficient way to process them as smoothly as possible. Comprehensive integrated chiropractic EHR software has processing features available that can make this possible.

When a patient pays by card, the system can save the card to the patient’s file and can set up recurring payments. In addition, payments can be posted automatically to the ledger for streamlined bookkeeping.

Supervising Insurance Management

Chiropractic care is typically covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and federal health plans, and worker’s compensation insurance may also cover it.

Running an insurance practice means staying on top of all insurance policies, Medicare changes, and laws and regulations. For example, some insurance providers may only cover chiropractic treatment if it involves the manipulation of one or more vertebral joints.

On the other hand, if billers consistently code something incorrectly, practices could be audited, which can lead to fines of $50,000 per violation and a potential 10-year prison sentence. Setting up an efficient billing system can make dealing with insurance companies easier and ensure that you avoid sending auditing red flags.

With the right integrated EHR software, you can manage your claims cycle directly from the chiropractic EHR practice management software. Billing codes can be lifted straight from SOAP notes.

Why Your Practice Needs ChiroTouch Completely Integrated Chiropractic EHR Software

Integrated Software Virtual

As a completely integrated chiropractic EHR solution, ChiroTouch is The Cloud Standard. It combines EHR, scheduling, billing, and insurance management into an all-in-one solution that is designed specifically for chiropractors. And with our 20+ years of expertise, you can trust that we know chiropractic.

ChiroTouch is a True All-in-one Solution

ChiroTouch is the only software provider that delivers a true all-in-one solution in a completely integrated platform. We combine powerful features and seamless integration to streamline all the essential functions of a modern chiropractic practice.

We developed ChiroTouch to work for practices of all types and sizes — solo or multi-provider, cash or insurance, new or expanding, large or small.

ChiroTouch Is Easy to Personalize

ChiroTouch provides both preloaded and customizable macro sets to simplify documentation. Users may also create their own macros. Combined with smooth touchscreen functionality, these features allow providers to create SOAP notes in just 15 seconds.

Complete Integration Means Instant Data Syncing

ChiroTouch also provides workspaces for every person in the practice. From front desk staff to chiropractic assistants to providers to billers, every person in your practice will have all the data they need to access at their fingertips, all available on one screen.

Because of ChiroTouch’s complete integration, data entered anywhere in the system is instantly available in all relevant functions system-wide — no more redundant text entry.

ChiroTouch Integrates Insurance Management

Insurance Claim Form on Tablet

By combining claims management and insurance clearinghouse functions, ChiroTouch eliminates the need to use multiple vendors and apps. Insurance cycles can be managed directly from the all-in-one software with a single sign-in.

ChiroTouch Is Backed by the Best Security in the Industry

The ChiroTouch cloud-based system is backed by the reliable Amazon Web Services and is rigorously tested for firewall penetration and cyberattacks to ensure that your patients’ information is kept secure at all times. This level of security helps you to build trust and gives you peace of mind.

Learn What ChiroTouch Can Do for Your Practice

The daily life of a chiropractor is significantly improved by efficient digital systems that streamline your operations and eliminate paper records and billing methods.

Discover why ChiroTouch completely integrated chiropractic EHR software is The Cloud Standard and how it can empower your practice with the latest innovations in integrated chiropractic EHR technology. Sign up for a no-obligation demo today.

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