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  • Chiropractic social media posts are an excellent way to grow your chiropractic practice and market your practice to gain new patients.
  • Master techniques for how to post to the best social media sites for chiropractic posts; Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • When posting chiropractic social media posts, stick to a consistent schedule and post purposeful content.
  • Support your social media marketing strategy with a fully integrated chiropractic EHR like ChiroTouch.

Chiropractic social media posts are an excellent marketing technique to reach new patients and grow your chiropractic practice. Master techniques for how to create engaging, purposeful, and relevant social media posts that help you connect with patients and boost your practice’s bottom line.

Pick one or two platforms to focus on, post consistently, and tie your posts back to your chiropractic services to get the most out of chiropractic social media marketing.

The Benefits of Investing Time and Effort into Social Media Posts

As of 2021, 295 million people use social media in the U.S., representing about 75% of the country. According to Sprout Social, 55% of people learn about new businesses through social media.

In a 2021 Patient Pop survey, 75% of respondents used online reviews to choose a healthcare provider, and 74% felt online reviews were very important.

These numbers indicate a large potential audience for your social media posts. As a chiropractor, you know that connecting with new patients is essential to growing your practice. By engaging with people over social media, you can reach a broad audience and generate interest in your chiropractic brand.

What Social Sites Are Best for Chiropractic Practices?

One of the first steps when starting a social media posting practice is choosing the social media site that will give you the best results. At the time this writing, the top four platforms for chiropractors are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Each of these social sites differs in terms of the type of audience you may reach and the best content to put out. It is essential to understand the differences and choose one or two platforms where you can engage with your ideal patients in a way that represents the values of your practice.


Facebook is the most-used social media site in the world, with nearly 3 billion users. In 2020, nearly 239 million Americans used Facebook, and it’s estimated that that number will rise to 260 million by 2027. Fifty percent of people aged 15-25 use Facebook, and over 75% of all Americans aged 26 to 56 and over. This makes Facebook an excellent choice for practices looking to target a wide age demographic.

Facebook is easy to use and gives you a home base that can act as a second website. With Facebook, you can post updates about hours, services, or operating procedures. You can also share blog posts, photos of your practice, providers, and staff, or upload videos.

Facebook allows for organic growth by building a following from the ground up. The platform also focuses heavily on Facebook ads, which can help you reach people according to specific demographics and interests.


YouTube is a video-based social media platform that boasts 210 million U.S. users. In 2022, over 80% of Americans use YouTube. These numbers highlight the wide reach of this social media platform, with people of all age groups using the site.

YouTube is best used for educational videos, as many people use the site to learn new information. Popular videos show at-home stretching and adjustment techniques that people can perform themselves. Audiences also like to watch chiropractic videos of back-cracking and adjustments for their soothing and calming autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) effect.

Top-ranked chiropractic channels on YouTube, such as Dr. Joseph Cipriano, DC, have upwards of 1.97 million subscribers and draw in patients from all over from their videos. If you enjoy making long-form video content, YouTube is an excellent choice.


Instagram is a popular social media site for 18- to 34-year-olds, with 115 million users in the U.S. as of 2022. 66.2% of the world’s Instagram users were in this age group as of 2021. If you want to grab the attention of new patients in this age group, Instagram is a great social media platform to focus on.

Instagram uses a combination of picture posts and short video reels to capture viewer attention. Instagram videos are a great way to build your following and invite new patients into your practice. You can use several chiropractic hashtags on Instagram to gain viewers who may be interested in your services.


TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, with a projected 84.9 million users in 2022. The audience demographic on TikTok tends to skew younger, but new trends show that around 44.1% of users are between 20 and 39, with another 20.3% between 40 and 49 years old.

TikTok is exclusively for short-form videos. It’s excellent for creating informative content, such as sharing stretching techniques or ways to sleep without causing back pain. Many healthcare providers also use it to debunk myths about their profession or provide safety tips for finding a practitioner.

Like Instagram, TikTok uses hashtags, so you need to put the right hashtags on your videos. The hashtag #chiropractor has around 3.4 billion views, indicating the broad reach possible on this platform.

chiropractic social media posts

What Makes a Good Chiropractic Social Media Post?

What makes a good chiropractic social media post varies from platform to platform; however, there are a few basic principles to adhere to.

Post Consistently

It is vital that you post consistently. People like new content, and they want to know when to expect your next post. Commit to a posting schedule, whether that means daily, weekly, or bi-weekly posts. People’s trust in you will grow as they see your regular posts, and they’ll look forward to seeing what’s next.

Engage With Followers

Engaging with followers can make a good post great. It can also inspire future posts that gain traction and increase your audience reach. People want to feel connected to brands they view on social media, so engaging in the comments can grow your following and bring in new patients.

Create Purposeful Content

Always make purposeful posts, and avoid advertising. Every post you put out should provide value for your viewers. This ensures that you connect with potential patients, and they gain a tangible benefit, whether that’s information or helpful entertainment that they can put into effect in their life.

Tie Your Post to Your Practice

A quality social media post ties your content back to your chiropractic practice. Always add your practice information to your post if possible or to your business profile on the site. When available, offer prospective patients a way to reach your practice or set up an appointment.

What To Avoid When Posting on Social Media

Although you set the tone and content for your social media posts, it’s a good idea to avoid a few topics or behavior faux pas. Avoid the following when creating chiropractic social media posts:

  • Politics and other controversial topics
  • Talking negatively about other chiropractic practices
  • Posting statistics or facts that are unsourced or gathered from unreliable sources
  • Sharing personal information, unless it pertains to your chiropractic practice
  • Unprofessional or poor-quality posts

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How To Get the Most Out of Chiropractic Social Media Marketing

To get the most out of chiropractic social media marketing, focus on building your presence on one or two platforms. This allows you to perfect posts for your chosen platform and develop a following before moving to another type of social media.

Also, create content that speaks directly to your ideal patient and is appropriate for your chosen platform. Short videos work well on Instagram or TikTok. Long videos are a good choice for YouTube, and Facebook allows for both videos and text posting to drive engagement.

The following are topic ideas to help you get started creating engaging chiropractic social media posts.


  • Ask a question about patient hobbies, interests, or chiropractic related issues and encourage them to comment
  • Offer advice about common chiropractic concerns
  • Post an interesting statistic and start a discussion
  • Host a video Q & A on a chiropractic topic


  • Post helpful at-home tips
  • Post a video of a patient session
  • Include hashtags like #chiropractic, #chiropractor, #backpain, #chiropracticadjustment, #chiropractice care, or #spine


  • Post videos that debunk myths about chiropractic care
  • Post videos that share the benefits of chiropractic services
  • Share helpful tips for avoiding back or neck pain


  • Share videos of patient sessions (with permission)
  • Make educational videos about chiropractic care
  • Create videos about tools used at your chiropractic practice
  • Share videos of special cases or conditions that can be treated with chiropractic care

Use Chiropractic and CT Engage Social Media Tools To Grow Your Practice

Creating purposeful and engaging social media posts can help you grow your practice and reach new patients. Social media marketing allows you to share information about your practice and connect with people interested in receiving your type of chiropractic care.

Support your chiropractic social media marketing with ChiroTouch, a completely integrated chiropractic EHR system, and CT Engage, an ancillary service with online reputation management features.

CT Engage automatically asks patients to leave you reviews to help you grow your online reputation. It also monitors patient satisfaction metrics on your behalf so you can respond to potential issues before they wreak havoc on your practice’s image.

Customize your outreach, automatically reply to reviews, collect valuable feedback, and never miss an opportunity to grow your image on social media.

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