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April 30, 2021 by ChiroTouch Team Article Automation


Patient communication is crucial to any chiropractic practice. CTInTouch, ChiroTouch’s automated campaign hub, makes it easy to increase patient engagement with tools that simplify patient outreach. With minimal effort, your practice can send:

  1. Group messages.
  2. Individual messages.
  3. Patient appointment reminders.
  4. Patient recall and retention communications.

Patients are at the center of any chiropractic practice. You want to maintain good relationships with your patients and encourage them to keep appointments and get the care they need. To do that, you need to focus on patient engagement and communication in a consistent and systematic way.

Patient Engagement Matters

Many practices face major impediments to creating the optimal patient experience. Keeping patients engaged is often one of them. A good patient engagement strategy can take a lot of time and organization. Office staff may not have enough time to make reminder phone calls and follow up on missed appointments with everything else that’s involved in the administration of a successful practice.

What’s more, your staff may need to keep track of multiple lists in order to determine who needs reminder calls, calls to reschedule appointments following no-shows, and calls to encourage them to come back after a period of inactivity.

Even if staff can maintain such a high level of organization, it can be frustrating to make phone calls when most people don’t answer their phones. Some don’t even seem to listen to their phone messages, which means they are not getting your reminders or follow-ups, no matter how diligent you are in making those calls.

It makes sense to streamline and automate as many of these repetitive tasks as possible so that you and your staff can focus on more personal patient contact in and out of the office.

How CTInTouch Can Help

CTInTouch is a system for automating patient messaging that reduces no-shows and increases the number of patients who come back to the office after an absence. It is available from your ChiroTouch launcher and uses patient contact information from your system to text or email information to patients. CTInTouch is an easy-to-use app that takes just minutes rather than hours or days.

The average chiropractic practice loses thousands of dollars a month in missed appointments, but CTInTouch can cut this loss down to the bare minimum, reduce the time and hassle factors of rescheduling, and even build patient relationships by recognizing birthdays or other special days.

Here are four ways CTInTouch, ChiroTouch’s patient engagement tool, can enhance patient engagement while improving your practice’s bottom line.

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1. Group Messages

When you need to communicate a message to your entire patient list or a defined subgroup within the list, it can be time-consuming to have to call or text each person individually to get the word out.

InTouch lets you send messages to your entire patient list or to subgroups you easily designate in order to communicate up-to-the-minute information. Group messages may be used for such purposes as announcing a weather-related office closure or reminding patients of your office policies, such as billing procedures or assurances of pandemic precautions.

Subgroups can be defined by such criteria as patient status (active or inactive), patient age, patient insurance, visit type, and provider (for practices that have more than one).

You can also specify whether you want to email or text the group, and select the date and time you want your message to go out.

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2. Individual Messages

CTInTouch can also send individual messages to patients. One way to get inactive patients back into the office is to send them birthday greetings, which lets them know you are thinking about them and miss seeing them.

The system also allows you to customize the messages patients receive, enabling them to opt out of certain types of messages.

Finally, you can also use CTInTouch to send individual, one-time messages, such as to let a patient know they forgot an item in the office after an appointment or to check in with them if they are running late. You can also use it to prompt patients to leave a positive review on Google.

You will never have to search for contact information again because everything comes up automatically in CTInTouch as soon as you type in a patient’s name.

3. Automated Patient Appointment Reminders

By setting up a reminder campaign with CTInTouch, you can make sure all of your patients are automatically reminded by email, text, or both when they have an appointment. The system lets you choose when patients get reminded, from days to hours or even minutes before the appointment. You can choose up to four reminders to reduce the chance that patients will forget appointments.

Automated reminders significantly reduce no-shows, and it doesn’t take any time to remind patients of upcoming appointments once the campaign is set up in CTInTouch. This program could save your practice thousands of dollars in revenue and hours of wasted time each month.

4. Patient Recall and Retention

Attracting new patients isn’t easy. It can be less challenging to get inactive patients back into the office or to keep existing patients coming back on a regular basis. An automated recall and retention campaign from CTInTouch is an easy and effective way to do that.

You can send a friendly text or email to patients who have been inactive for a period of time you designate, inviting them to schedule another appointment with you. You can also send messages to patients when they miss an appointment, making it easy for them to reschedule. The messages are customizable, and you can create as many campaigns as you’d like.

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For More Information

If you’d like to learn more about what CTInTouch can do for your practice, check out the video below.

If you’d like a more in-depth look at how you can use CTInTouch to increase patient engagement, watch our on-demand webinar How to Use CTInTouch to Keep Patients Engaged, Informed, and Retained.

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