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Adobe Flash Player will no longer display Flash content effective January 12th, 2021, impacting aspects of the desktop version of the Sign-In Application and certain advanced commands in chart notes. Although the number of impacted areas within the ChiroTouch application are few and workarounds exist for both, we want to minimize the impact to our customers and thus will be aggressively updating all eligible clients to our latest 7.2.9 release which removes the requirement for Flash.   

Adobe Reveals Kill Switch for Flash Player 

Microsoft announced that Flash Player would be removed from their Windows operating systems in April of 2021, and ChiroTouch has been actively working to update all customers to the latest release to eliminate the dependency ahead of this timeline.  ChiroTouch replaced all components of the software requiring Adobe Flash Player in our latest 7.2.9 release in December. To date, we have thousands of customers updated to this release level, all of whom have been using this version and have not and will not experience any issues due to the Flash EOL.  

Unexpectedly and unfortunately, Adobe very recently announced that they had introduced a kill switch mechanism within Flash player that would prevent any Flash content from running effective January 12th. This means that Flash player will begin displaying a generic information image linking to the Flash end-of-life in lieu of displaying the appropriate Flash content. Given the sudden nature of this update and the related impact, ChiroTouch will begin updating all eligible customers to the latest release on January 11th.     

What does this mean for me?  

 What you need to do:  

  • Be prepared to receive automated ChiroTouch updates this week.  
  • Although there are very few of you, if you have not been receiving automated updates to your ChiroTouch software for any reason, please reference our user guide on how to activate automated updates for your software, and submit a case through community. Automated updates are the sole mechanism for the delivery of ChiroTouch updates.  
  • Upon updating, if you receive a “version mismatch error” or “unable to read DB credentials error”, review the FAQ linked here. We have created a very brief training video for you to solve these issues without calling support.  
  • Due to the very short notice from Adobe, we are asking our customers to use CT Community case creation and chat support for non-urgent and non-update related issues.  We will be focused on getting every eligible customer updated as quickly as possible and appreciate your help in keeping the lines clear for these priority cases. 
  • Stay tuned for the latest news and helpful tips by visiting CT Community.  


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