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  • Automated email and texting are vital to developing your relationship with your chiropractic patients.
  • Outdated communication methods are time-consuming and ineffective; CT Engage allows convenient, quick communication in both directions.
  • Use CT Engage to send automatic appointment reminders, receive appointment confirmations, and deliver targeted email campaigns.
  • With CT Engage, you can ask for feedback and testimonials from patients and manage your online reputation.

The cornerstone of your chiropractic business is the relationship you have with new and existing patients. That’s why it is vitally important to stay up-to-date with patient communication. When you consistently communicate with patients through text and email, you can engage with them on a personal level and keep them on your practice’s schedule.

Effective communication is consistent and purposeful, and it provides useful information and promotional deals or offers to your patients. It helps them receive the care they need and grows your practice.

Discover how you can reduce appointment cancellations, drive new and existing patient engagement, and provide important communications to your patients through CT Engage, the automated communication tool from ChiroTouch.

Types of Patient Communication

Outdated Communication Methods

Before the digital revolution, chiropractors and their staff communicated with patients through face-to-face interactions, phone conversations, and “snail mail.” Although technology eventually allowed for online and email marketing, chiropractic offices still had to manually manage these forms of communication.

These methods of patient communication left many practices struggling due to missed appointments, lack of patient retention, and inability to consistently and affordably communicate new offers and important information.

The average practice reports missing out on about $3,200 per month due to missed appointments. When combined with the cost of employing a full-time staff member to track and perform patient communication manually, the cost to your practice is even higher.

Automated Communication

Thriving practices today use automated texting and email to communicate with their patients. Automated programs allow chiropractic staff to send out appointment reminders and confirmation requests to achieve fewer appointment cancellations.

Automated email campaigns are a cost-effective, convenient form of communication used to boost patient retention and new patient engagement. Two-way and broadcast texting allow you to communicate important information to your patients quickly and easily.

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Why Patient Communication Is Vital to Your Practice

Patient communication is vital to your practice because your patient relationships are what drive your success. You became a chiropractor to help people meet their health and well-being goals, so you must be able to communicate how you can do that with your services.

Effective patient communication achieves the following for your practice and your patients:

  • Creates a convenient, user-friendly experience
  • Promotes useful information and services
  • Encourages patient retention
  • Drives interest and engagement with prospective patients
  • Reduces missed appointments

Through the use of automated email and texting, you can create a convenient, user-friendly experience for your patients before, during, and after their visits.

With consistent communication, patients are less likely to miss appointments or fall off track with their scheduled sessions. With secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging and email campaigns, you build your patient’s trust in your practice so they’ll continue returning for treatment.

Through these elements of patient communication, you can drive positive online reviews for your practice. This is a vital component of successful growth, considering that 59% of people are influenced by other patients’ reviews in choosing where they receive care.

Ways to Boost Patient Engagement and Retention

There are many ways to boost patient engagement and retention with the right communication and marketing tools. Here are just a few:

Automated Reminders and Confirmations

Appointment reminders reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Implementing an automated reminder and confirmation texts to your patient communication routine allows you to reduce no-shows and identify those who won’t be able to make their appointments so you can use that time to see other patients.

Feedback and Testimonials

Asking for feedback and testimonials and providing convenient links for patients to post reviews creates a symbiotic relationship between your practice and the patient. They feel heard and can express their delight with your services or give you private feedback on areas that might benefit from improvement. Reviewing requests and providing a channel for private feedback are vital parts of managing your practice’s online reputation.

Supplemental Information

Sending supplemental information enables you to provide your patients with comprehensive wellness services. They can ask questions with direct messaging and achieve their wellness goals.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns allow you to capture the attention of active and inactive patients, so you can improve patient retention and show your appreciation for your existing patients. By sending out special offers or information about new services, you can easily get the word out and drive engagement among patients.

Chiropractic Practice Management Software

The best way to communicate effectively with patients is by using fully integrated chiropractic EHR practice management software that contains built-in features to automate patient communication and the entire chiropractic management process.

With ChiroTouch, the Cloud Standard, along with the powerful CT Engage, you gain access to actionable insights that help you identify when to use marketing campaigns and who they should be targeted to.

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Patient Communication Is Easy With CT Engage

It is almost impossible to effectively send and track texts and emails to patients manually. It takes too much time to call every patient on the schedule to remind them of upcoming appointments.

Rather than struggling with these outdated communication methods, opt for CT Engage, the automated patient communication tool from ChiroTouch.

CT Engage allows you to set up automated appointment reminders, market promotions or new services to new and existing patients, and cultivate a positive online reputation.

With CT Engage, you can:

Reduce No-shows and Cancellations

With CT Engage, you can send appointment reminders to patients and ask for confirmation so your practice can effectively plan each day. These are fully integrated with ChiroTouch’s online scheduling feature, so you don’t have to do anything extra.

Generate Online Reviews

CT Engage allows you to confidently ask your patients to leave a review on popular review sites. You can then view the information and use it to manage your online reputation.

Retain More Patients

Attracting new patients is expensive. It can cost anywhere from 5% to 25% more to bring in new patients than to retain the ones you already have.

With CT Engage’s recall campaigns, you can engage current patients and re-engage inactive patients through targeted emails and texts that contain special offers. Easy-to-use, customizable templates make it easy to create campaigns for groups of patients or all patients.

Grow Your Practice

CT Engage’s automated email marketing campaigns provide you with a way to reach out to potential patients with a newsletter and other important information about your practice.

Engage and Inform Your Patients

With CT Engage, you can communicate with your patients in a familiar and engaging way. With both two-way texting and powerful email marketing tools, you can personalize your communication to your patients, reaching out to them the way they prefer to be contacted.

CT Engage also features broadcast texting, so you can send personalized communications and practice-wide messages to groups of patients or all of your patients.

One way to use this feature is to announce the posting of blog posts or other online resources that might be of particular interest to your patients (or potential patients), attracting more visitors to your practice website.

Grow Your Chiropractic Business With Consistent Communication

With CT Engage, the newest iteration of ChiroTouch’s automated patient communication tool, you can drive patient engagement to grow your practice.

Move away from outdated communication tools and time-consuming manual phone calls and emails. Connect with a ChiroTouch specialist today to learn how you can use CT Engage for more effective patient communication.

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