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  • Online patient intake forms are in demand by patients, and more and more medical practices are offering them.
  • Digital forms improve patient experience and streamline your workflow for greater staff efficiency.
  • With CT InForms, patients can fill out their intake information electronically, even before they arrive for appointments.
  • CT InForms is an ancillary service for ChiroTouch, a fully integrated, cloud-based chiropractic EHR practice management system.

Online patient intake forms are fast becoming an expected convenience for chiropractic patients. Make the most of your integrated online EHR and offer your patients the convenience of self check-in. CT InForms eases your practice’s administrative burden by making it easy to send and receive patient forms related to safety protocols, care feedback, questionnaires, and consent.

Manual Patient Intake Process

Without an integrated EHR and practice management system, your chiropractic practice likely uses a manual process for patient intake and sending and collecting forms.

Manual patient intake requires your front desk staff to spend valuable time checking patients into your practice’s system. 38% of healthcare providers spend between 10 and 19 hours each week on administrative tasks, time that could be better spent providing care to patients.

Not only does manual patient intake use up valuable time, but it also increases the likelihood of errors and inaccurate information in your practice’s EHR system. Your staff may have trouble reading the information patients write on their forms, or they may incorrectly enter a patient’s name, phone number, or insurance information.

Additionally, if your practice uses a paper and pen system for intake and consent forms, patients use a clipboard and office-provided pen to fill out their information. In the current COVID-wary health climate, this system is impractical and necessitates extra time and money for sanitation procedures to ensure these tools are cleaned between patients.

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Cloud-Based Intake and Forms Submission

To avoid manual errors, streamline the patient intake process, and reduce time spent on administrative paperwork tasks, many chiropractic clinics are switching to online digital intake and forms services.

And patients are asking for it: 64% of patients prefer an online intake process over manual check-ins. They also prefer receiving important forms and notices through online portals over paper mail or handouts.

CT InForms is a digital intake forms service that allows you to simplify your patient intake and forms processes using cloud-based technology.

With CT InForms, you can:

  • Customize patient forms such as consent forms and safety protocols
  • Send forms electronically through HIPAA-compliant email and SMS messages
  • Send out surveys and questionnaires to gauge patient satisfaction

Benefits of Using CT InForms

CT InForms provides you with a more convenient way to collect patient data. Using CT InForms as part of your ChiroTouch chiropractic practice management software provides your practice with several benefits.

They include:

  • Less paperwork for your staff
  • Customizable templates
  • Automated feedback on patient visits and care
  • A seamless office visit for your patients
  • Increased efficiency for the entire practice
  • Fewer errors in patient data
  • Better productivity
  • Improved security for patient information

Less Paperwork

With digital patient intake forms, you reduce paperwork for office staff. By sending forms electronically and allowing patients to input their information and check in using a digital platform, you eliminate the need for paper forms that require storage as well as redundant data entry.

Customizable Templates

CT InForms provides chiropractors with customizable templates that make sending patient forms easy and hassle-free. Choose from one of the many pre-formatted forms and customize it with your practice’s logo, or build your own form from scratch.

Patient Feedback

Patient feedback is vital to running a successful chiropractic practice. With CT InForms, you can automate and send patient surveys and questionnaires requesting feedback that can help you improve practice performance.

Seamless Patient Experience

With CT InForms, you create a seamless patient experience in your chiropractic practice. Patients can fill out their intake forms in digital format and submit them with a tap or click.

Increased Efficiency for the Entire Practice

With less paperwork and manual data entry, you increase efficiency throughout the entire practice. CT InForms reduces the amount of time it takes to put a patient in the system, making the entire intake process more efficient.

Fewer Errors

With CT InForms, you experience fewer errors in patient data. This eliminates problems across the board for chiropractors, CAs, and billers who rely on accurate patient information to provide patient care and documents.

Better Productivity

CT InForms allows for increased productivity by the entire staff. Your CA won’t get bogged down by paperwork, which lets them efficiently complete the patient intake process and move your patients to the next portion of their appointment.

Improved Security for Patient Information

With CT InForms, you experience less worry when it comes to the security of patient information. No more liability on handwritten documents that can easily be lost or stolen. With CT InForms, patients fill out forms in an encrypted system that is HIPAA-compliant and secure.

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ChiroTouch, the Cloud Standard in Chiropractic EHR Software, is a Fully Integrated Solution

CT InForms works with ChiroTouch as part of a fully integrated chiropractic EHR practice management system. Implementing a cloud-based EHR system for your practice allows you to streamline your practice’s workflow and integrate all of your programs into one system.

With ChiroTouch, you can manage all aspects of your chiropractic practice, such as patient management, billing, insurance, and chiropractic care, from one log-in point across the entire practice.

With CT InForms, you can automate administrative tasks like billing, insurance, and scheduling. You can use digital intake forms to streamline your team’s workflow and provide top-notch patient care.

Using digital forms is essential to modernizing your practice and ensuring that your patient data is safe and secure. Digital forms also help you and your patients enjoy a seamless visit that allows for an excellent patient experience.

ChiroTouch also offers your chiropractic practice the following features:

  • Online scheduling. Allows patients to make, cancel, and reschedule their appointments online and check-in digitally when they arrive.
  • Easy to personalize templates. Customize our pre-formatted templates to meet the needs of your practice.
  • Completely integrated practice management software — one system for everyone in your office. With all necessary practice functions in one place, ChiroTouch increases efficiency and gives all members of your practice more time to interact with patients.
  • Seamless insurance management. With automated insurance processing, you reduce coding errors, increasing your revenue and leading to fewer unreimbursed claims.
  • Integrated payment processing. With integrated payment processing, you can accept all types of payments from customers, allowing for a seamless experience and fewer unpaid accounts.
  • World-class security. ChiroTouch uses Amazon Web Services and multiple cybersecurity features to prevent information leaks or attacks, and security updates are automatic.

ChiroTouch is easy to get started and easy to learn, so your team can get going with digital patient intake right away. We offer excellent customer support, and our team boasts over 20 years in the chiropractic industry.

Streamline Your Workload With Cloud-Based EHR Practice Management Software

With a digital intake form service like CT InForms, you can streamline your practice’s workload and create a better experience for your patients each time they visit.

Book a demo today to find out how switching to ChiroTouch, the cloud standard for chiropractors, can benefit all aspects of your chiropractic practice.

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