Save 20-40 Hours Per Month with Personal Injury Macros


  • Documentation and expertise are two primary components in supporting a personal injury case.
  • ChiroTouch’s personal injury macros significantly reduce repetitive manual documentation while also providing evidence-based research at your fingertips.
  • One ChiroTouch customer case study documents a savings of 20 to 40 hours per month using our chiropractic EHR. 

Chiropractors treat more than 35 million Americans each year, many of whom are seeking treatment related to personal injuries. Chiropractors not only treat issues related to injury, but also provide detailed records and reports of your injuries. This allows patients to support their claims for compensation from at-fault parties.

To streamline this process, ChiroTouch’s personal injury macros allow providers to improve accuracy and save time.

What Are Personal Injury Macros?

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In chiropractic EHR software, a macro set is comprised of many small documentation templates that simplify the manual actions taken by a provider to input data in the software. They save time without sacrificing the quality of the results.

Our personal injury macros are a feature within our chiropractic EHR software. This macro set is designed specifically for personal injury cases and represents the most comprehensive documentation system for PI cases.

Built on the same user-friendly concepts and framework as our flagship macro set BulletTouch, BulletTouch PI supports PI cases with evidence-based research to validate your diagnoses and treatment plans. It also includes provider assessment commentary and patient education throughout treatment.

How Personal Injury Macros Work in ChiroTouch

Documentation is a big part of personal injury case outcomes. The other big part is the chiropractor’s credentials. ChiroTouch’s personal injury macros address both.

A Personal Injury-Specific Exam Form

Our PI macro set includes an exam form that’s designed to work side by side with the macros. Because PI cases can be more involved, the form includes additional tests compared to the standard BulletTouch macro set.

For example, the PI exam form includes a section on brain injury, an attribute that attorneys focus on when representing PI clients in court.

Evidence-Based Research

BulletTouch PI includes a research section that instantly connects patient cases to cited evidence-based research. Providers can select a category or topic, such as the permanency of sprains, then locate published research on the topic.

These cases are taken directly from the medical journals or sources they were published in and have been cited within the system.

When using evidence-based research in a patient’s notes, ChiroTouch automatically fills in the patient’s name and includes the research’s content and citations.

Streamlined Daily Notes

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Because the personal injury macros are designed to work together, they reduce many of the repetitive manual tasks regarding documentation. To start, patients can provide the required information with their intake form. They can select the reason for their visit (e.g., motor vehicle accident), and the form will automatically adjust to their use case.

It asks questions such as:

  • Where in the vehicle were you sitting?
  • Where were you looking?
  • Did the airbag deploy?
  • Did you receive a head injury?
  • Did you lose consciousness?

This process answers about 35 questions you won’t have to ask the patient during the exam. All of the information in this form is digital and automatically stored within the patient’s record. There’s no need for the patient to print forms at home or remember to bring their forms with them to their visit.

All of these answers are viewable directly from the chart note, so the provider doesn’t need to re-ask the questions. The provider can then review this information with the patient and quickly make changes to any items that are inaccurate. Each of these items are important to attorneys because they are value drivers to support a patient’s PI case.

You will still need to sort through each individual complaint as you would on paper. But it’s faster using a digital format where a lot of the information is already in place.

How to Save up to 40 Hours Per Month with BulletTouch PI

In a third-party case study conducted by TechValidate, one ChiroTouch customer saved 20-40 hours per month on personal injury cases. The customer has a personal injury practice and selected ChiroTouch chiropractic practice management software to maintain timely charting and migrate to electronic health records.

Since using ChiroTouch, the customer has seen noticeable improvements in patient scheduling, charting/SOAP notes, and patient flow. Staff is regularly caught up on charting and experience less hassle with the digital forms compared to paper-based systems. ChiroTouch’s 15-second SOAP notes with BulletTouch macros have saved the practice anywhere from 20 to 40 hours per month on charting.

Getting Started with Personal Injury Macros

ChiroTouch has created a robust, streamlined platform that’s tailored to personal injury cases. ChiroTouch, the cloud standard in chiropractic EHR, improves documentation by including value drivers that make a difference in court so providers will receive appropriate compensation for the care they provide to their patients. And we support your expertise as a chiropractor by tying your findings to evidence-based research.

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