Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: Stay on Top of Coding Changes - Chirotouch

Don’t let changes to CPT codes derail your practice! Watch ChiroTouch and Kathy (KMC) Weidner in this webinar on coding, compliance, and how to keep your practice running smoothly. In this educational session, Kathy partners with ChiroTouch Software Experts to discuss how to minimize the impact of impending CPT code procedure updates.

This insightful webinar will help you to:

  • Understand the top CPT coding errors that lead to compliance issues.
  • Ensure that you correctly match these new CPT codes with your documentation.
  • Implement Kathy’s simple tricks for ensuring compliance by spot-checking coding and documentation.

Don’t miss your chance to get ahead of these crucial coding changes with one of chiropractic’s most knowledgeable thought-leaders.



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