Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: Timed Codes: It's All About Perfect Timing! - Chirotouch

Musicians become accustomed to metronomes. Astronauts find the optimal window of time to launch. But how do you count your time? In this webinar, we cover timed coding rules and how they apply to services commonly performed in the office. We discuss vulnerabilities found in many practices regarding delegation of timed codes.

Please join KMC University’s, Yvette Noel CPCO, ChiroTouch Sr. Trainer, Michelle Butler, and Sr. Client Success Manager, Laurence Peppler, for this exciting and informative webinar, where they cover how to:

• Establish the difference between constant attendance and supervised coding
• Determine the guidelines for timed codes
• Learn to look at payer policies regarding delegation of constant attendance services

AND…a sneak peek at ICD 10 changes effective October 1, 2021. It’s really all about perfect timing. Are you ready?

Following Yvette’s overview, there is an open Q&A session where Yvette answers questions about timed codes and best practices, and Michelle and Laurence will talk through implementing and utilizing these within ChiroTouch software.



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