Make Family Care Affordable for All | Webinar | ChiroTouch

Watch this 30-minute webinar where we answer your questions on how to maximize your billing. Hosted by ChiroTouch Revenue Cycle Management experts, Kelly Trentacosti and Jillane Scott, this 30-minute session explores the most frequently asked questions about our integrated billing solution, CTProBill, including what you can do to maximize your billing performance this year.

Whether it’s staffing challenges, performance concerns, or where to start with implementing a cost-effective billing solution, Kelly and Jillane will answer your questions, including:

– How can my office improve its financial situation?
– What will CTProBill provide me that I don’t have in my own office now?
– How can CTProBill assist me if my biller is leaving or has already left?
– I’ve outsourced my billing before and the experience wasn’t great; why would I consider this solution?
– How difficult is the transition to CTProBill?
– How much does CTProBill cost ,and what return on investment can I expect?

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