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UnMarketing. What is it? In the past, the focus has always been on marketing activities to get new patients in the door, yet chiropractors recognize that all new patients are not the same. With this new approach, the key isn’t marketing, it’s in the engagement. Watch this revolutionary webinar to learn how UnMarketing can help you build your Health Tribe and gain increased sales from your following.


Learn how to:

•  Think about your Health Tribe

•  Grow your Health Tribe so you never have to do traditional marketing again

•  Choose the right types of content to share

•  Increase your referrals and supplement sales without selling


About Dr. Jason Deitch

Dr. Jason Deitch graduated with honors from Northeastern University in 1991 with a major in Marketing. He is the founder and CEO of Fan Page Generator, a leading social media marketing, design and strategic consulting and investment firm. FPG’s most recent project is AmpLIFEied, a crowd-sourced health, wellness and lifestyle content library and social media amplification platform. Dr. Deitch is the national bestselling co-author of the book “Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich” and speaks internationally about using social networks to build a movement for your idea or cause.

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