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Switching to a Chiropractic EHR Software can be a confusing and frustrating time at your chiropractic office.  Here are some tips on how to help ease the transition to a new chiropractic software.

Switching to a Chiropractic EHR Software

Electronic health records (EHRs) provide everything a patient’s paper chart does and so much more.  Over the past decade, the use of chiropractic EHR software has skyrocketed.  Ten years ago, fewer than 10 percent of chiropractors used EHR software.  Today, the number is approaching 85 percent, according to Healthcare in America.  However, if you were an early – or even middling – adopter, it’s likely time to switch to a more sophisticated, up-to-date chiropractic EHR software.  The same holds true if your software is newer but you and your staff aren’t happy with its performance.  There’s no reason to put up with aging or second-rate chiropractic EHR software, especially when you consider how much efficiency and potential revenue you’re losing.  Hanging on to less effective and inefficient software just because you and your staff know how to use it isn’t a wise business practice.  Here’s what to look for in a new chiropractic EHR software system.

When You’re Ready for the Switch: Tips for Chiropractic Assistance, Billers, or DCs

1. When switching EHRs, select a user-friendly, intuitive chiropractic EHR software system.  You and your staff are probably not trained IT professionals, and you don’t need a system requiring intensive training or a level of expertise beyond that of the typical chiropractic assistant.

2. The more automated a system, the better.  Just because your current system requires X number of steps for task completion doesn’t mean that newer models should, too.  State-of-the-art chiropractic EHR software systems should automate manual tasks in your practice, such as scheduling and billing.  Actual data entry should be minimal.

3. While a new chiropractic EHR software system should provide simple navigation, that doesn’t mean you and your staff won’t require basic training.  New customer training is included in the startup fee, and ongoing support is available.  Keep in mind that these systems are full of shortcuts that make your staff’s work even more productive, so they should know how to use the software as completely and efficiently as possible.

4. Explain to the vendor why you want to switch chiropractic EHR software systems.  Whether it’s better record keeping, more productive use of staff time or your staff urged the upgrade because they were tired of the current system’s problems, ensure a new system eliminates the issues with which you’re currently dealing.  Ask for contact information of users of the same system you are considering and find out how customer support and the system, in general, is working for them.  Ask if there is anything about the software that took them by surprise, including any functionality issues.

5. Once installed, measure your progress with the new system for billing integration, rejected claim rates, and staff efficiency, among other components.  Good customer service is a vital consideration when choosing a new chiropractic EHR system, so do your due diligence.

Simple Transition Infographic

Even though you might be aware of some of these tips, a transition can still be a daunting thought.  Switching over to a new billing system, learning a new way to document, and just making sure that all of your ducks are in a row to get your office functioning.  Your time is money, and downtime would mean you miss out on revenue.  ChiroTouch is aware of this and has worked to make transitioning as smooth as possible for 21,000 doctors.

Check out this infographic that gives you an overview of how we support you and your practice through a transition!

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR Software System

ChiroTouch’s chiropractic EHR software simply makes your practice more efficient in virtually every way possible.  We offer an intuitive system with a smooth learning curve and unlimited live support, so switching systems is not a big deal from your staff’s standpoint.  With ChiroTouch’s chiropractic EHR software system, you have confidence in your documentation.  With an ability to customize the system to suit the needs of your practice, if you’re in the market for a new chiropractic EHR software system, peruse their website or call 800-852-1771  to schedule a demonstration.

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