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  • The best chiropractic EHR software is a system that streamlines the workflow for every role in your growing practice.
  • ChiroTouch is a completely integrated EHR practice management software that checks all the boxes for you and your staff.
  • With ChiroTouch’s automated billing and insurance, you ensure financial stability as your practice grows.
  • With ChiroTouch, the standard in chiropractic EHR, you gain access to compliant documentation and intuitive patient flow, helping your practice not only to grow, but to thrive.

As you grow your chiropractic practice, one of the most important decisions is which chiropractic EHR software to use for daily operations. ChiroTouch, the standard in chiropractic EHR software, understands the specific needs of your expanding chiropractic practice. We’ve put together this checklist to help make this important decision easier.

What to Look for in Chiropractic EHR Software

To thrive, your growing practice requires an EHR system that caters to the specific needs of your chiropractic practice, with features such as online scheduling, easy patient communication, compliant documentation, and automated billing and insurance.

When you opt for a chiropractic EHR practice management system that streamlines your workflow, you can avoid pitfalls like appointment cancellations, inefficient billing, and insurance processing mistakes that cost you money.

Choosing a chiropractic EHR software solution for your chiropractic practice is challenging, and as a growing practice, you may be daunted by the thought of switching to a new practice management system.

The following checklist that details the characteristics of a useful EHR system can simplify the process and help you evaluate potential chiropractic EHR systems effectively.

Checklist for Chiropractors

  • Fast, easy SOAP notes
    When looking for EHR software, choose a system that simplifies the SOAP notes process. SOAP notes are an important part of patient care, but they should only take seconds to enter rather than 10 to 15 minutes per patient.
  • Access to actionable data
    Gaining access to actionable data insights is vital to growing your practice. Rather than trying to piece various data points together manually, look for an EHR system that automatically syncs your data and allows you to access it to make changes.
  • Compliant documentation support
    Maintaining documentation compliance is of the utmost importance for a growing practice. A compliance mistake can result in costly fees and loss of trust from patients. Choose an EHR system that provides you with compliant document templates and compliance resources.
  • Increased efficiency across all practice functions
    The main goal in choosing an EHR system for your growing practice is to achieve across-the-board efficiency for your daily operations. Look for a completely integrated chiropractic EHR practice management software that automatically syncs your data and automates processing like billing and insurance.

Checklist for Chiropractic Assistants (CAs)

  • Automated patient management
    Patient management tasks, like appointment booking, reminder calls for upcoming appointments, and entering patient information, take a big chunk out of your CA’s day. Choose an EHR system that automates these actions to streamline the workflow and free up time for other tasks.
  • Completely integrated patient flow
    Modern, thriving practices use features like online scheduling, automatic appointment reminders, and automated payment processing to bring their operations into the digital age. Choose EHR software with completely integrated patient flow features that meet the needs of your patients and free up time for the busy CA.

Checklist for Chiropractic Billers

  • Integrated billing
    Collecting payments in a timely, efficient manner plays a major part in allowing your chiropractic practice to expand and grow. Opt for EHR software with integrated billing to avoid lost revenue due to late payments, calculation errors, and not accepting all types of payments.
  • Automated insurance
    As a whole, the healthcare industry has lost approximately $262 billion in rejected insurance claims in recent years. Losing revenue because of coding mistakes or filing errors is detrimental to your growing practice, so choosing an EHR system that automates insurance processing is vital to your success.
  • Time-saving ERAs
    Rather than completing a standard Explanation of Benefits (EOB), look for software that has an integrated Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) program. ERAs are downloaded into the system and automatically posted, saving billers substantial time.

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ChiroTouch Checks All the Boxes

ChiroTouch is a chiropractic EHR practice management system designed to check all the boxes for the roles in your growing practice. With features like automated insurance and intuitive patient flow, ChiroTouch streamlines workflow for the entire practice.

ChiroTouch for Providers

ChiroTouch empowers the providers in your practice to:

  • Enter SOAP notes in seconds
    Our touch-screen feature and pre-formatted macros allow you to enter SOAP notes in 10 to 15 seconds rather than the typical 10-15 minutes.
  • Maintain compliant documentation
    Compliant documentation is a breeze with our pre-formatted templates and compliance support resources.
  • Increase efficiency across all functions
    With ChiroTouch’s completely integrated, automatic syncing features, you’ll increase your practice’s efficiency across the board.
  • See actionable data insights
    With access to your practice’s data, ChiroTouch allows you to see where you are performing well and where you can improve to grow your practice.

ChiroTouch for CAs

ChiroTouch streamlines your chiropractic assistant’s workflow with:

  • Intuitive patient flow
    With ChiroTouch, you can allow patients to schedule appointments online, offer automatic payments, and send out automatic appointment reminders.
  • Automated Patient Management
    Patient management is easy with automated features like one-click information retrieval, screens that are color-coded for different providers, and automatically synced patient data.

ChiroTouch for Billers

ChiroTouch for chiropractic billers simplifies billing and insurance with:

  • Fully-integrated billing
    With ChiroTouch’s integrated billing, you can accept all types of payments and reduce manual billing errors, which saves your practice money and sets it up to thrive.
  • Automated insurance processing
    ChiroTouch Advanced, designed for insurance practices, simplifies claims management, reduces rejections, and gets you paid faster. Automated insurance processing with ChiroTouch means no more manual claims errors or coding mishaps. The entire claims process is simplified with claims management that’s seamlessly integrated with an insurance clearinghouse for faster, more efficient billing with a single sign-in.
  • Fast ERA processing
    ERAs are automatically synced to the software program, and ChiroTouch does the time-consuming data entry for you. ERAs are auto-allocated and available to review so that you can check the status of claims.

ChiroTouch Features for Growing Practices

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ChiroTouch completely integrated chiropractic EHR:

  • Is accessible from anywhere
    Your growing practice is no longer tied down to a single computer for accessing patient records. You can access ChiroTouch EHR software via the cloud anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Is easy to use
    ChiroTouch is a user-friendly software that makes navigation simple and efficient, with all patient information displayed on a single dashboard.
  • Is easy to learn
    ChiroTouch offers intuitive in-app help system that knows where you are and what you’re trying to accomplish and walks you through tasks with step-by-step guidance.
  • Has the most experience behind it
    ChiroTouch brings 20+ years of experience in helping chiropractors manage their practice more efficiently with completely integrated EHR software. For streamlined practice management software that saves you time and money, you can count on ChiroTouch.
  • Has a modern interface and intuitive workflow
    The innovative software is expertly designed specifically for chiropractors, making navigation hassle-free and accessible from the start. SOAP notes, patient history, payment and insurance information are all easily accessible on one dashboard for quick, effective patient care.
  • Provides multi-modal support
    ChiroTouch’s resource center offers an extensive collection of articles, videos, webinars, and podcasts to keep you up to date and help you find the answers you need so you can get back to work fast. You will also have access to interactive chat so you’ll never be stuck for long.
  • Uses industry-leading security
    Feel confident knowing that ChiroTouch has undergone significant penetration testing, ensuring you have comprehensive protection from data hacks and security breaches while remaining HIPAA compliant.
  • Is built on a reliable infrastructure
    The world-class AWS infrastructure supporting ChiroTouch EHR software is reliable and industry compliant. ChiroTouch users receive automatic security updates and data backups for unparalleled peace of mind.
  • Has highly satisfied customers
    ChiroTouch users report high levels of satisfaction thanks to ongoing training access and ease of use. Many users have been operating practices with ChiroTouch for more than 10 years, and 50% of our new customers are referred by existing customers.

Learn More About How ChiroTouch Benefits Growing Practices

Join the 21,000+ customers already using ChiroTouch to run their practices more efficiently. The time you’ll save on administrative work with ChiroTouch allows you to refocus your attention on patient care, enabling your growing practice to focus on building lasting relationships.

To find out more about how ChiroTouch EHR software can support your growing chiropractic practice, book a demo today.

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