EHR Checklist For Personal Injury Chiropractic Software


  • ChiroTouch offers chiropractors support for compliant documentation, error-free charting, and simplified SOAP notes. 
  • Our EHR system offers CAs accessible online scheduling and useful patient engagement tools. 
  • CT offers billers integrated payment processing options and seamless claims management and helps reduce claim denials. 
  • The personal injury chiropractic software features are easy to learn and incorporate into your existing operations for a seamless transition that benefits your personal injury practice.

With a practice dedicated to helping accident victims on the road to recovery, it’s critical to have a time-saving EHR system. Those under your care may be in the midst of a legal case in addition to dealing with their physical recovery, so you need to provide an experience that is convenient and comfortable.

At ChiroTouch, we understand there’s a lot on the line with a personal injury practice. Your patient records or insurance claims may play an integral role in the outcome of your patient’s court case, so you need to ensure your data is error-free and industry compliant when using personal injury software.

ChiroTouch is the best EHR software for personal injury practices because of the many features benefitting chiropractors, CAs, and billers.

What to Look For

Selecting a suitable EHR software program for your personal injury case management software can be challenging, especially when your patient’s health records and insurance claims may be of interest in a legal case. These are the key features to look for in EHR software for your personal injury software.

Checklist for Providers

  • Compliant Documentation Support Structure
    Whether your practice is audited or your patient records are subpoenaed for use in a personal injury case, it’s crucial to ensure your EHR system supports compliant documentation. Look for EHR software that comes with templates to make inputting patient information in the correct format faster.
  • Simplified SOAP Notes
    Providers need software that makes charting compliant notes quick and easy. You should be able to create your SOAP notes within seconds, rather than the typical 10 to 15 minutes per patient.
  • Error-Free Charting
    It’s critical to avoid typographical errors when charting, as these can significantly impact the outcome of a patient’s personal injury claim. It’s also essential to be accurate when generating preexisting or chronic condition documentation; failure to document previous conditions may jeopardize patients’ claims.

Checklist for Chiropractic Assistants (CAs)

  • Intuitive Patient Flow
    Managing patient flow in the practice is made easier when your EHR software offers all the features you need in one place, such as automatic appointment reminders and patient check-in information. Choose a system that makes it simple to locate patient information fast for convenient check-ins and payment transactions.
  • Convenient Scheduling and Patient Engagement
    Patients dealing with personal injury cases and physical discomfort require convenient scheduling with communication options.

Checklist for Chiropractic Billers

  • Fully Integrated Payment Processing
    Personal injury chiropractic practices can receive payments in multiple ways, including after a settlement or via the patient’s insurance provider. Offering flexible payment options and issuing accurate invoices for services rendered allows patients to keep detailed records of their medical bills to support their claim. As a key witness, it’s critical your practice can produce documentation regarding the care an accident injury victim received.
  • Reduced Claim Denials
    It’s important that your billing is done with accurate CPT codes, both to ensure claims are not rejected and to protect the integrity of your patient’s legal claims. Choose software that syncs codes from the provider screen to billing, simplifying the billing process while reducing data entry errors and rejected claims.

ChiroTouch Checks All the Boxes

ChiroTouch, the cloud standard in chiropractic EHR, allows you to transition quickly and seamlessly to new practice management software. This smooth transition allows you to access everything you need for patient care and billing in one fully integrated system.

ChiroTouch for Providers

ChiroTouch allows the providers in your practice to:

  • Benefit from Built-in Templates
    With ChiroTouch, you can customize or use pre-loaded templates specific to the therapy, technique, and case type for the patient. ChiroTouch also saves plan templates for future use.
  • Generate Accurate SOAP Notes in Seconds
    Quick touchscreen documentation, macros for speed charting, and same-as-last-time (SALT) functionality mean you can record error-free SOAP notes in about 15 seconds. 90% of ChiroTouch users experience improved accuracy in charting and SOAP notes.

ChiroTouch for CAs

Using Chirotouch for personal injury chiropractic billing

ChiroTouch streamlines your CA’s workflow with:

  • Easy-to-use Patient Engagement Tools
    Managing patient flow is a breeze with CT Engage, our add-on patient communication package. Send out appointment reminders to reduce no-shows, create recall campaigns, request and monitor social media reviews, and implement email and text marketing campaigns.
  • Convenient Online Scheduling
    ChiroTouch makes scheduling simple with online patient scheduling and appointment management capabilities. Patients can access provider schedules to book appointments with any device.

ChiroTouch for Billers

ChiroTouch for chiropractic billers reduces billing and insurance errors with:

  • A Streamlined System for Accurate Billing
    ChiroTouch streamlines the coding process to help you avoid CPT errors when billing patient insurance claims to different providers. It simplifies workers’ comp claims by allowing you to keep them separate while still able to access them from a single patient account.With accurate billing, you reduce your chances of being audited and aid patients in presenting precise health records for legal cases.
  • Seamless Insurance Management
    ChiroTouch integrated EHR software provides ample data to satisfy claims programs like Colossus, to improve patients’ chances of filing a successful claim.

smiling woman after personal injury chiropractic adjustment

ChiroTouch Features for Personal Injury Practices

ChiroTouch offers numerous benefits for personal injury practices through advanced features, from streamlining patient scheduling to simplifying the billing processes. These are the areas where ChiroTouch EHR software brings value to your practice. 

  • Easy to Get Started
    You won’t need an IT person to migrate your patient demographics to ChiroTouch. You’ll be up and running within 24 hours.
  • Easy to Learn
    There’s no need for setbacks in your business model when transitioning to ChiroTouch. Continue providing quality care for your patients thanks to intuitive in-app guidance, multi-modal tutorials, live chat support, and on-demand webinars.
  • Easy to Use
    A clean, modern user interface designed specifically for chiropractors ensures you can navigate the software efficiently from the outset.
  • Easy to Personalize
    ChiroTouch works for you, allowing you to personalize your templates to the way  you practice. Customize your workflow, provider type, and more for a unique user experience.
  • Easy to Access
    Access cloud-based EHR software from any device and location, so you’re never tethered to a desktop computer.
  • Actionable Reports and Insights
    Monitor your practice’s performance with valuable data that you can use to make improvements.
  • Secure System
    ChiroTouch features robust security standards that have undergone extensive penetration testing, so you know you’re safe from data breaches, ensuring HIPAA compliance.
  • Most Referred and Most Customers
    Over 13,000 practices rely on ChiroTouch. Users trust our software; over 50% of our customers have been referred by coaches or colleagues.
  • Loyal, Highly Satisfied Customers
    ChiroTouch users stick with us; thousands of current customers have been with ChiroTouch for more than a decade.
  • Providing Peace of Mind
    Our software is reliable, compliant, and built using world-class AWS infrastructure. Frequent backups and automated updates protect your patient data and documentation.

Discover How ChiroTouch Can Benefit Your Personal Injury Practice

A personal injury practice depends on a stream of patients requiring repeat treatments for its revenue. To retain your patient roster, you need a quality EHR software system that saves users 20+ hours a week on administrative tasks so you can focus on patient care and retention.

To experience the difference ChiroTouch can make in your practice, book a demo today.


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