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  • Patient-first care means putting the patient at the heart of the practice and encouraging them to take an active role in their care.
  • Reducing friction at every stage of the patient journey can help to increase bookings, reduce cancellations, increase revenue, and build your professional image.
  • Chiropractic software like ChiroTouch keeps patients engaged at every step of the journey to increase appointment bookings and treatment completion rates.

Patient satisfaction is the highest form of flattery for a chiropractic clinic. About more than just feeling better, being treated like a priority keeps patients coming back. The right chiropractic software not only makes this possible, it also makes it easy to deliver patient-centric experiences.

It’s a connected process — when patients receive good communication and engagement from the chiropractic practice (such as appointment reminders, home care tips, etc.), they’re more likely to stick with their treatment. When they finish their treatment, they have better outcomes. With great results comes the desire to share their experiences and help others, too! And it all starts with how you inform and engage your patients.

Here’s how you can use chiropractic software to create a patients-first approach to care.

What Is Patient-First Care?

Patient-first care puts the patient at the center of everything a practice does. Or to put it another way, it’s all about how patients experience your practice.

This includes everything from how a patient finds your practice, how easy it is to book an appointment, and the time they spend in the waiting room before an appointment to the convenience of the payment process.

The most important aspect of patient-first care is to get the patient to be an active participant in their treatment. Creating a patient-centric experience can help to encourage compliance because it provides patients with the tools and support that will motivate them to optimize their health.

What Does a Patients-First Chiropractic Practice Look Like?

chiropractor treating a patient

Patient-centric practices are those that proactively make patient convenience a priority. They make it easy for patients to get the care they need to live a higher quality of life along with education they can carry with them beyond treatment.

Patient-first care includes a myriad of moving parts that span the entire patient journey. Some examples include:

  • Multiple ways to request an appointment (e.g., by phone, via text message, online portal, etc.)
  • Hands-free payment options
  • Appointment reminders via the patient’s preferred channel
  • Streamlined new patient paperwork

Chiropractic EHR software can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. By centralizing and digitizing many of your backend processes, your staff can give more attention to patients, decrease cancellation rates, and streamline the entire patient journey.

How ChiroTouch Helps You Put Patients First

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ChiroTouch chiropractic software is purpose-built by chiropractors to create patient-centric experiences at scale. Two ancillary services, CT InForms and CT Engage, work together to enhance patient communication and engagement so that practices can treat every patient like a top priority.

CT InForms

CT Informs offers a better way to collect patient information throughout their wellness journey while saving practices time and creating less work for staff. Starting with the very first visit, CT InForms allows patients to complete intake forms and other paperwork online. Patients can bypass the front desk when it’s time for their appointment, saving valuable time for themselves and the practice.

The cloud-based forms are customizable and fully HIPAA-compliant. They’re tied directly with electronic patient records to keep all of your patient information in a single profile. This means less paperwork for your staff, less manual data entry, and reduced potential for errors.

With CT InForms, you can also send post-visit feedback surveys and questionnaires to your patients. You can automate this process to ensure each patient has the chance to share their thoughts. You will learn more about the patient experience and can use this feedback to improve your practice.

CT Engage

Our patient engagement tool makes communicating with patients a breeze. Use the communication method each patient prefers (email or text) to stay in touch and increase responses. It also allows for two-way communication for better engagement.

With CT Engage, you can automate appointment reminders and patient confirmations. The average practice loses over $3,200 per month from missed appointments, but 50% of healthcare practitioners say appointment reminders decrease no-shows and cancellations.

Appointment reminders with CT Engage are easy to set up and keep you from losing out on revenue, relationships, and online reviews. With clear reminders delivered to their mobile phones, they’ll show up to more appointments and will be more likely to stick with their plans of care.

Our chiropractic practice management software also supports your email marketing strategy. Send targeted campaigns to active and inactive patients to encourage appointment bookings or in-office purchases. Spread the word about new services so they can continue living their best lives.

As you treat each patient or when treatment is over, CT Engage continues the relationship on your behalf. Collect customer reviews and testimonials and even share links where they can publicly post about their experiences on your channels. Data shows that 59% of patients have relied on other patients’ reviews to choose a healthcare provider.

Automatically requesting reviews from your patients can help you build a good rating and give prospective patients plenty of insight into other patients’ experiences with your practice.

Putting It All Together for a Patient-First Experience

Creating a patient-first experience means making each patient an active participant in their care. It’s up to the practice to share ways patients can do this, set expectations, and help them feel empowered. Chiropractic software supports and streamlines all of the above.

ChiroTouch, the cloud standard in chiropractic software, is helping practices do more in less time by streamlining engagement without losing the personal touch that makes the art of caring so special. Learn more when you book a demo.

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