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  • ChiroTouch is the cloud standard for chiropractic billing. It is a fully integrated, cloud-based EHR system that simplifies the chiropractic billing workflow.
  • ChiroTouch increases payment rates with flexible payment processing options for patients that make it easier for them to pay on the day of visit.
  • ChiroTouch integrates insurance claims management with a clearinghouse feature for seamless claims processing with a single vendor and sign-in.
  • ChiroTouch allows for automatic insurance processing, which reduces coding and billing errors and makes the claims cycle more efficient.
  • ChiroTouch supports a faster review of EOBs and ERAs by providing electronic access to discover and resubmit rejected claims more quickly.

Billing is one of the most important administrative areas of your chiropractic business. Ensuring you collect payments on time, process claim reimbursements, and submit accurate chiropractic billing codes that keep your practice running smoothly and allow you to care for your patients effectively.

Inefficient EHR software can leave you spending hours completing billing tasks, taking away time you could spend tending to other areas of your practice. To eliminate these issues, consider transitioning to ChiroTouch, the cloud standard in chiropractic EHR software.

ChiroTouch streamlines your billing workflow and supports automated insurance functionality so you can spend less time on billing tasks and more time with patients. Discover why ChiroTouch is the cloud standard for chiropractic billers and how to get started with one of our plan options.

Streamline Your Billing Workflow

With ChiroTouch, you gain access to cloud-based, fully integrated chiropractic billing software that helps you automate recurring, repetitive tasks and reduces the manual data entry these tasks can require. This feature motivated 55% of  practices to switch to ChiroTouch from other management systems.

With ChiroTouch, your payment rates increase, allowing your practice to grow and serve more patients more efficiently and effectively.

ChiroTouch helps you achieve a more efficient billing workflow in the following ways:

Automated Payment Processes

With ChiroTouch, payments automatically post to patient accounts, eliminating miscommunications, double charges, and other payment errors. 83% of users report an improvement in payment processing after switching to ChiroTouch.

Flexible Payment Options

Your patients have flexible payment options with ChiroTouch. This means they can make payments easily and conveniently, increasing your payment rate and keeping them on track.

Fully Integrated Systems

ChiroTouch is a fully integrated chiropractic EHR system that combines claims management with an insurance clearinghouse in one seamless solution. Because you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors and apps, you can process insurance claims much more quickly and easily.

Separate Case Types

ChiroTouch allows you to access patient accounts in a single place while keeping information separate for each case type. This helps you keep track of Medicare chiropractic and private insurance billing data in a way that makes your job easier.

Automated Insurance with ChiroTouch

chiropractor using chirotouch billing software

With ChiroTouch, filing a claim is streamlined with automated insurance processing. With automated processing, your practice receives reimbursement quickly and with less back and forth from payers and patients and fewer coding and billing errors.

ChiroTouch’s automated insurance functions make your job easier by:

Reducing Chiropractic Billing and Coding Errors

ChiroTouch links the codes in your provider’s SOAP notes directly to the billing screen. This significantly reduces the time and potential for errors when manually transferring codes.

Helping You Stay Compliant

ChiroTouch helps you stay compliant so that your practice is practically audit-proof. Both coding errors and HIPAA infractions can cost your practice money and harm your reputation, so it’s vital to use chiropractic billing software that reduces the chance for potential errors.

Additionally, ChiroTouch offers educational webinars that feature chiropractic coding experts who keep you up to date on relevant coding changes.

Easy Access to Patient Information

Because ChiroTouch is cloud-based and fully integrated, you can easily pull up diagnosis and billing codes at the front desk. This improves your ability to serve the patient, both behind the scenes and in interpersonal interactions.

Automated Billing and Posting of Insurance Payments

With ChiroTouch’s automated billing and posting functions, you won’t need to enter electronic insurance payments manually; instead, they are automatically posted to the patient ledger securely, quickly, and accurately.

Electronic Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

EOBs are a complicated element of chiropractic billing. An EOB is a document that details how an insurance company processes a claim. A typical EOB includes:

  • The total cost of the procedure
  • Patient responsibility
  • Discounts that apply
  • How much the contract allows for the procedure performed
  • The final reimbursement amount

As a chiropractic biller, it’s essential to understand the data on the EOB to ensure your practice receives accurate payment from the insurance company and that everything was billed appropriately.

ChiroTouch simplifies EOBs for chiropractic billers by allowing you to access electronic EOBs that are automatically synced to ChiroTouch software. What’s more, ERA files will automatically download for seamless auto-posting.

What Makes ChiroTouch the Cloud Standard in Chiropractic Software?

ChiroTouch is the cloud standard in chiropractic software

ChiroTouch helps chiropractic billers complete their tasks more easily, more quickly, and more strategically than any other chiropractic EHR system.

ChiroTouch is the cloud standard because it:

Streamlines Payments Processing

ChiroTouch features an all-in-one screen that lets you access everything you need from one screen. Additionally, you can save patient payment information and set up automatic payments, and payments post to your ledger automatically.

Makes Tasks Simple

All insurance billing tasks are simplified with ChiroTouch’s fully integrated clearinghouse. You no longer need multiple applications to manage the claims cycle. With ChiroTouch, everything is processed in one application with a single sign-in.

Saves Time

ChiroTouch saves you time with automated processing and integration. No more switching between software apps, manually tracking down information, and gathering paperwork. You can complete your tasks quickly and move on to other responsibilities.

Improves Accuracy

With its cloud-based real-time abilities and syncing of patient notes across departments, ChiroTouch improves accuracy in billing and coding, leading to fewer errors that can cost your practice money and lower patient retention. Accurate data means more efficiency, increased revenue from fewer rejected claims, and better trust from patients.

Is Easy to Use

ChiroTouch is easy to use in every way. No matter what level of expertise you have with EHR software, you’ll easily be able to set up ChiroTouch and begin using it right away. We offer intuitive in-app guidance, tutorials, and webinars that you can refer to as you start using the software. Most of our clients are using it independently within a few days.

ChiroTouch Plan Options

ChiroTouch offers two options that chiropractic billers can use to streamline their workflow for a more efficient experience.

  • ChiroTouch Core: Our core package is ideal for cash practices. With ChiroTouch Core, you can access the software from any device, schedule patient appointments online, create compliant SOAP notes in seconds, and integrate payment processing for care plans.
  • ChiroTouch Advanced: Our advanced solution is designed for insurance practices. With this option, you get all the features of ChiroTouch Core along with full claims cycle management with an integrated insurance clearinghouse.

ChiroTouch: The Cloud Standard for Chiropractic Billers

ChiroTouch, the cloud standard in chiropractic EHR software, can increase your payment rate, streamline your billing processes, reduce coding errors and rejections, and simplify insurance claims management.

With ChiroTouch, you can spend less time on administrative tasks and spend more time focusing on your patients. Experience it for yourself, and book a demo today.

For More Information

To learn more about what ChiroTouch can do for your insurance practice, download our eBook How ChiroTouch Integrated Chiropractic EHR Simplifies Insurance.

If you’d like to know more about how ChiroTouch benefits cash practices, download ChiroTouch: The Best Solution for Every Type of Practice.

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