How to Become a Chiropractic Success Story in 2023


  • ChiroTouch is a great way to use your year-end budget and start the new year right. 
  • With ChiroTouch, you can create compliant 15-second SOAP notes, automate repetitive tasks, access data from any device, and support every aspect of your practice, from booking to patient experience to billing.
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As 2022 draws to a close, now is the time to start making investments and improvements in your chiropractic practice for 2023. One way to do this is to review your chiropractic practice management software.

The right software helps to close the gaps on inefficiencies, improve patient communication, and streamline the way you work. In return, you can expect better patient outcomes and experiences as well as increased profitability.

We invite you to take a closer look at ChiroTouch — the standard in chiropractic practice management software.

Here’s how ChiroTouch puts the “Happy” in “Happy New Year.”

Meet ChiroTouch – A Fully Integrated Chiropractic Solution

ChiroTouch was made by chiropractors for chiropractors, helping you gain clarity, consistency, and completeness in every facet of your practice. Manage your practice and patient flow from end to end, including bookings, patient charting, billing and claims management, and more, from anywhere you like.

Cloud-based access keeps your data together, whether you’re working on financials at home or managing multiple locations. Integrating your entire practice in one place eliminates the need for multiple systems and vendors, giving you a simpler way to control every day.

We’re constantly innovating our ChiroTouch platform based on our customers’ feedback, changes in industry regulation, and emerging technologies. Since our solution is cloud-based, we deploy these improvements and innovations at scale and deliver them to you automatically. There’s nothing else required on your part, other than to continue providing your patients with the best experience.

How ChiroTouch Helps You Run a Better Practice

ChiroTouch supports providers, front desk personnel, chiropractic assistants, billers, and patients with user-friendly features, ensuring a seamless experience. Here’s a closer look at what makes ChiroTouch a valuable investment to start the new year.

chiropractor at work

15-Second SOAP Notes

Less charting, more engagement? It’s every chiropractor’s dream to spend more time educating and connecting with their patients and less time on paperwork. ChiroTouch gives you back valuable time with every visit.

Done-for-you workflows and customizable macros help you create compliant SOAP notes in seconds. Diagnosis codes come pre-loaded, helping you audit-proof your documentation. Plus, you can track a patient’s progress throughout their visit at a glance.

Accessible From Any Device

Cloud-based ChiroTouch can be accessed from any internet-connected device and any location. No longer are you confined to on-premises access. Whether you are working in one of several locations or need to access important business data on the go, you can log in from any device safely and securely.

Only Pay for the Services You Need

ChiroTouch is comprised of robust core software as well as ancillary services to give you seamless practice management.

  • CT Payments integrates your payment functions with your chiropractic EHR, allowing you to save cards to patient files, automate payment plans, collect payments online, and automatically post payments to accounts.
  • CT Engage keeps patients connected to your practice with automated reminders and reputation management.
  • CT InForms puts the intake process into the patient’s hands with customizable forms they can complete at their convenience prior to their visit.
  • Last but not least, CT Verify gives you instant insurance verification and eligibility to avoid billing surprises.
  • Maximize your practice’s potential with CT MaxClear, which makes getting paid by insurance companies a breeze.

Rather than packaging all of our features and services into one, we allow you to choose how you want to power your practice. Only pay for the services you need and skip the ones you don’t.

Automation Made Easy

checking in for a chiropractic appointment

Like the idea of automation but not sure how to apply it in your practice? ChiroTouch chiropractic management software does the heavy lifting for you with automation you don’t need to figure out on your own.

Online appointment scheduling lets patients take a more active role in their healthcare, freeing up valuable time for your front desk. Workflows that work right out of the box guide providers and CAs through documentation in an intuitive manner and create narratives based on intake forms and self check-in patient subjective questionnaires.

Full claim cycle management electronically submits claims to payers, tracks progress, and automatically updates claim status.

And with ChiroTouch ancillary products, automation becomes even more influential in your practice. Send appointment reminders, prompt patients to leave online reviews, set up recurring payments, and avoid redundant data entry compared to using paper-based intake forms.

Multi-Location Support

With cloud-based access, multi-location practices thrive with ChiroTouch. You can set up all of your practices on a single system and access data between locations. This sets up providers to add convenience to the patient experience, allowing patients to choose where to receive their care. Providers and staff can also access details with single sign-on functionality, eliminating the need for multiple usernames and passwords.

Ongoing Peace of Mind

We take data security and privacy just as seriously as you do. That’s why ChiroTouch is built to provide ongoing peace of mind, no matter who is using it. Set permissions based on role and location to keep patient data private. And with real-time data backup and unlimited file storage, there’s no risk of losing your data to a server outage or disaster.

Give Yourself the Gift of ChiroTouch

The end of the year is almost here. Take a breather and think about how you can be a chiropractic success story in 2023. For many, the answer is simple: Give yourself the gift of ChiroTouch, the standard in chiropractic practice management software.

Book a demo today to take advantage of our special year-end discount — our best deal of the year!

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