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  • Daily administrative and billing tasks associated with operating your chiropractic office take away from your time with patients and growing your practice.
  • No matter what type of practice you have, ChiroTouch’s completely integrated cloud-based EHR system allows you to streamline billing and administrative tasks, engage more deeply with patients, and focus on growing your practice.

The reality of running a chiropractic practice means spending hours performing administrative tasks like billing, scheduling, and filing insurance claims, which leaves no time to grow your practice and develop relationships with your patients.

Whether you are a solo chiropractor who handles all of the day-to-day operations of your practice or part of a multi-provider practice, whether you’re a cash or insurance practice, ChiroTouch’s integrated EHR and practice management software can help you quickly and efficiently perform administrative tasks so you can spend more time focusing on your patients.

Read on to learn what makes ChiroTouch the standard in chiropractic software and how it can help make your practice more efficient and more profitable.

ChiroTouch for Chiropractic Billing

While some chiropractors have dedicated billers, for those who work alone, billing can be tedious and time consuming. And errors can be costly: It costs the average practice $25 on average to rework a claim.

Worse, over half of rejected insurance claims are never reworked. Getting them right the first time can realize significant savings for your practice.

ChiroTouch helps you perform billing tasks quickly, with less hassle, greater accuracy, and fewer rejected claims.

With ChiroTouch Core, cash practices can invoice and access the ledger and receipts anywhere and on any device to improve chiropractic billing. They can also automate Medicare and Medicaid processing with superbill and CMS-1500 features.

For multi-location or insurance-based practices, ChiroTouch Advanced provides multiple benefits to streamline billing, including full claims cycle management and an integrated clearinghouse accessible with a single sign-in.

Automated Insurance

Filing insurance claims can be overwhelming and requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure all claims are correctly coded. Insurance coding or billing errors can result in severe consequences for your practice.

ChiroTouch simplifies insurance with an integrated EHR system that provides automated insurance processing with integrated clearinghouse and claims management. With ChiroTouch Advanced, you can submit claims electronically, get auto-updated claim statuses, and follow a claims worklist to ensure reimbursement. You can also benefit from CT Verify, our ancillary service that helps you verify your patient’s insurance eligibility before they even check in for their appointment.

Additionally, billing codes and patient documentation entered in the SOAP notes function are transferred automatically, saving you time and reducing the potential for error.

Billing specialists report saving over 40 hours per month on billing tasks with ChiroTouch.

Payment Processing

ChiroTouch’s integrated payment processing features simplify the payment process. Patients can pay in person, over the phone, or with ApplePay or AndroidPay. With ancillary features like CT Payments, you can also save card information for care plans and subscriptions so patients don’t have to bring payment in each time they visit.

Your patients will appreciate the convenience, and your practice will save money. If you’re like most chiropractors, 30% of your patients leave your office without paying their bill. Giving your patients payment options increases the chance that they will pay on the day of their visit.

Accounting and Reporting

With ChiroTouch, you won’t have to worry about balancing your books. Both cash and insurance payments can be deposited electronically to your account, and remittance auto-posts to your ledger. Our system does the bulk of the work for you.

ChiroTouch also provides actionable reports and insights into your practice finances, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and cost savings.

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ChiroTouch for Administrative Tasks

With ChiroTouch, completing administrative tasks like entering patient SOAP notes, obtaining and communicating patient information, and adhering to HIPAA and CMS regulations is simple and streamlined.

SOAP Notes in 15 Seconds

Entering patient SOAP notes is an ongoing administrative task. SOAP notes must be updated with each patient visit, and they must be accurate because they serve as the basis for patient billing, insurance claims, and treatment plans.

You may have experienced filling out SOAP notes manually or working with a non-user-friendly EHR system that can take 10-15 minutes for each patient. ChiroTouch eliminates these issues with an EHR system that allows you to use customizable macros along with a user-friendly touch screen so you can complete SOAP notes in seconds — right in the exam room.

This feature also protects your practice from claim rejections and audits by transferring billing codes directly from the notes to patient invoices and billing documents.

Instant Data Syncing

If you work in a multi-provider practice or with chiropractic administrative staff, it can be frustrating to move between systems for various patient information. When practice functions aren’t integrated, the risk of error and patient miscommunication increases.

With ChiroTouch, every person in your practice can access the same patient records. Advanced data integration allows you and your staff to look up patient information whenever and wherever you need it. For instance, you can set up appointments, accept payments, and process insurance claims all in one system.

Changes made in ChiroTouch’s integrated system are synced and updated to every area of the practice that needs them. This means that the information you access is always up to minute and accurate.

HIPAA-Compliant Security

Maintaining patient privacy and data security is of utmost importance to chiropractors. HIPAA guidelines mandate using an EHR system that includes cybersecurity measures such as unique user IDs and passwords, encryption, and user-based controls.

ChiroTouch’s chiropractic management system is backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses several firewalls and cybersecurity features to protect your protected health information (PHI).

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ChiroTouch aids chiropractors in maximizing efficiency so you can refocus your energy on growing your practice. 57% of surveyed customers have seen good to excellent improvement in patient flow since switching to ChiroTouch.

ChiroTouch can help you achieve growth through:

  • Better patient relationships and more referrals. When you have more time to dedicate to patient care, you can cultivate lasting relationships founded on respect and trust. Patients who feel valued at your practice are more likely to recommend your services to their friends or family.
  • More time to spend on marketing and patient outreach. 55% of surveyed organizations chose ChiroTouch as the software solution to improve their workflows. Increasing efficiency at your practice means you can reallocate your time and resources to improving marketing strategies and patient outreach.
  • ​​More time for professional development and education. When you invest in yourself, you are investing in the future success of your practice. By reducing the time spent on billing, payment processing, and patient charting, you can further your professional development with continuing education courses or certifications, like massage therapy or acupuncture, to attract new patients.
  • Fewer errors and security issues and a better reputation for your practice. With an automated billing and integrated EHR system like ChiroTouch, you eliminate much of the potential for human error.

ChiroTouch’s robust security features are unsurpassed in the industry, which is critical to healthcare practices. Not only are they costly, but a data breach can erode confidence in your practice. In fact, more than half of consumers blame the business that was hacked — not the hackers — for a breach.

A higher degree of accuracy and better protection of patient data will establish trust, protect your reputation, and encourage new patients to book appointments with your practice.

See for Yourself Why ChiroTouch Is the Standard in Chiropractic Software for Chiropractors

ChiroTouch completely integrated chiropractic EHR software was designed specifically for chiropractors by a team of over 250 developers, trainers, and staff — including experienced chiropractors — to let you run your practice your way, no matter what type of practice you have.

ChiroTouch saves thousands of chiropractors time and money on administrative tasks and daily operations. With ChiroTouch, you can spend more time with your patients and less time struggling with your software.

Have a well-adjusted day!

To learn more about how ChiroTouch, the standard in chiropractic software, can help you run your practice more efficiently, book a demo today.

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