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Your patient education tactics may be falling short, but Dr. CJ Mertz is excited to teach you what to say, and when, in order to boost retention, increase revenue and generate more referrals.

A successful practice hinges on patient interaction, and whether you realize it or not, every patient conversation hurts or helps your practice. This webinar will teach you how to make the most of every patient conversation by focusing on:

– Acquiring and retaining active patients
– Using casual conversation to encourage referrals
– Positioning yourself as a doctor, teacher, and leader in your field

Join Dr. Mertz and ChiroTouch for “The Domino Effect” to discover how your bedside manner can translate into greater financial success.

Plus, all attendees will receive a special, free training video from Dr. Mertz! “Building Raving Fans,” one of Dr. Mertz’s exclusive coaching sessions includes the seven building blocks to creating a world class culture of patient education as a method for developing and fostering unparalleled patient allegiance.

Don’t miss your chance to learn how to maximize your revenue by making the most of patient conversations.


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