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Most of us get into chiropractic because we’ve had a great experience or we want to help people. However, one of the main challenges is that we’re not taught how to run a successful chiropractic practice business. Yes, we said it…business. Some think it’s a taboo word, others think that it should be all about service. The truth is, you have to figure out what works best for you in the balance of service and business. You’ve got the service part down. Watch this webinar with Dr. Joe Borio and dive deep into 3 keys to the business side of chiropractic that will make your daily life in practice exciting again!


Watch this webinar to learn:

• How your business mindset affects your success

• Easy steps to create brand loyalty

• The power of using stories to grow your services


About Dr. Joe Borio

Dr. Joe Borio is the founder of ChiroPassion Consulting and has a passion for building successful, motivated, and passionate chiropractors and chiropractic teams. He has practiced in Cicero, New York for over 27 years, sits on the Board of Trustees at Sherman College of Chiropractic, is a board member of the IFCO, and a Brother of the Chiropractic Knights of the Roundtable. Dr. Borio is a devoted Chiropractic mentor, teacher, and coach, and speaks at events and for associations across the world.

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