Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: 2021 E/M Changes…the Rest of the Story - Chirotouch

In this installment of our Billing and Coding webinar series, Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC, CCCA, will recap the E/M coding information that changed January 1, 2021, plus provide a detailed update on the new E/M changes that came out at the end of March 2021. Kathy will explain what changes when into effect in January and how E/M coding was further affected in the March update.

After you get the rest of the E/M coding story, there will be an open Q&A session where Kathy and ChiroTouch team members, Senior Trainer Marty Madison and Senior Client Success Manager Laurence Peppler, will answer your questions about E/M, how to document it using ChiroTouch, and any other billing/coding/financial questions. Join us to learn how use the proper codes and modifiers to bill your patients and then get your billing and coding questions answered by our specialists.

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