Proactive A/R: Billing & Coding Hints and Tips | Webinar | ChiroTouch

At its very core, the practice fee system can be explained in a series of “either/or” scenarios. It starts by explaining that all the fees in our practice are either “actual” fees or “discounted” fees. From there, discounted fees are either “imposed” or “elective.” A keen understanding of this concept is essential to understanding how your fee system and the ChiroTouch fee schedule application works. Your actual fees, as listed in your ChiroTouch master list of charges, are the controlling fees in your software. This webinar explores the proper use of ChiroTouch fee schedules so that you can provide accurate patient responsibility estimates based on the allowed amounts, while still allowing you to bill the actual fee amount to insurance.

Please join Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CPCO, CCPC, CCCA, for this exciting and informative webinar, where she covered:
• The difference between “imposed” and “elective” discounts and a comparison of the two
• How to determine the differences between your actual fee and discounted or insurance allowed fees
• Using ChiroTouch fee schedules to set up your software to ensure both accurate accounts receivable expectations, and clean ledgers
• How to handle cash discounts with a cash fee schedule, and likely much more…

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