Crank Up Your MD Referrals! - Chirotouch

Did you know that over 90% of MDs have been asked about chiropractic, but only 10% have made a chiropractic referral? In this webinar with guest Dr. Jeff Langmaid, you will learn the tactics and strategies needed to bridge the gap and dramatically improve your incoming MD referrals without compromising the chiropractic philosophy.


Watch this webinar to discover:

• The 3 pillars of relationship building to improve your referral base

• How you can make it EASY for referrals to come in your door

• The specific steps to set up and crush your MD meetings!


About Dr. Jeff Langmaid

As an author, speaker, and founder, Dr. Jeff Langmaid is dedicated to helping chiropractors achieve more in practice. He is the founder of The Evidence Based Chiropractor, a company dedicated to helping chiropractors build referral relationships. He is also the co-founder of The Smart Chiropractor, a chiropractic marketing agency with a focus on research and social media. Over the years, he has been featured on Yahoo Health, Prevention Magazine, Chiropractic Economics, CBS News, MSN Health, and more.

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