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Have you ever had moments in practice and life when no matter what you try, things just aren’t working and you can’t figure out why?  Have you tried the “proven success model” that everyone swears by, yet still didn’t work for you?  Do you feel burned out and like you’ve lost your passion for Chiropractic because you just can’t seem to ever get into a good flow with things?

Dr. Janice Hughes has worked with the top Chiropractic leaders and coached Chiropractors for over 20 years – and is a master at helping crack the code of success! She has a unique ability to help Chiropractors understand their true Identity and realize their greatest success!


Watch this webinar to learn:

•  Why those systems aren’t a fit for you and what to do about it?

•  What is critically fundamental to life and work happiness, yet so often missed

•  How to easily get started

•  What you MUST know about creating results in your practice


About Dr. Janice Hughes

Dr. Janice Hughes is a leader, teacher, author and business coach for thousands of professionals worldwide. Janice’s blend of intuition, practicality and incredible focus has made her a role model for professional women. She created the Pillars of Success, a framework for her work that blends her own life and coaching experiences. Janice is married to her husband David Boynton, DC. They have three children and live in Colorado.

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