Documentation with BulletTouch: Initial E&M Note & Daily SOAP - Chirotouch

Whether your chiropractic practice is strictly insurance based, personal injury, cash, or wellness – you will find the BulletTouch macro method extremely helpful in producing the quick and compliant note that you associate with the name ChiroTouch. Understanding the method behind the very organized macro templates will help speed you through any new patient narrative, any routine evaluation and management note, or any daily SOAPs in record time.

Please join the creator of BulletTouch, Dr Bryan Weissman, as well as Client Success Manager, Laurence Peppler, as they walk you through the best practice method of using the BulletTouch macro system.

This episode is a live class on the method of creating a compliant, professional and quick document for both Evaluation & Management (E&M) encounters as well as daily SOAP notes. Bring any questions you may have as this is an interactive session!




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