Retention Analytics: Using Analytics to Condition Committed Patients

Chiropractic is not one-size-fits-all and your patient retention program should not be either! In this webinar with guest Dr. Jen DePice, we learn how to interpret patient behavior trends to identify the opportune times to reconnect on their chiropractic commitment. With the help of EHR analytical data, Dr. DePice will give us the equation to pinpoint when a patient may be deviating from their care plan and the steps to take to help them get back on track. Dr. DePice also shares her strategies for both incentivizing proactive patients and inviting less motivated or new patients to commit to their care plans. Using real-life examples and high-level analytics from her practice’s ChiroTouch EHR system, Dr. DePice will show us how she has successfully cultivated dedicated patients for life.


Watch this webinar to learn:

•Why analytics should be the foundation of any retention program

•How to interpret patient analytical data and correlate it to booked appointments

•Strategies for rewarding consistent patients and recommitting wavering ones


About Dr. Jen DePice

Chiropractic is in her heart. Trained as an exercise physiologist from Wake Forest University, she was led to chiropractic by her mom just as she was to start a masters in physical therapy. Chiropractic for her is all about the principles of above down inside out. She has loved everything about spending the past 20 years adjusting in practice with Dr. Dean. Having joined TLC in 2007, it has given her the opportunity to reach so many others’ lives through the writing of classes like Speak OUT and her favorite, engaging with our TLC team and members. She loves bringing chiropractic to life in your lives and practices.

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