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A good book is a staple of summer travel. When lounging by the pool or crisscrossing the country, what will the business-savvy chiropractor be reading? From business and career-focused reads to science fiction adventures and thrillers, in this webinar with guest Dr. Beau Pierce we will take a look at the books that will transform your practice and inspire your life long after you’ve read them.


Watch this webinar to discover:


• The ultimate reading list for chiropractors

• Author’s insights on how their book pertains to our personal practice and profession

• How to join a book club community unlike any other



About Dr. Beau Pierce

Dr. Beau Pierce owns and operates one of the fastest growing practices on the central coast of California. His unique wellness model, which puts chiropractic care front and center, has been proven to help thousands of patients each month. In addition to operating his practice and managing his three other associates, he is the Founder of CircleofDocs.com, the #1 most read chiropractic website in the world. He enjoys traveling the world with his family and helping other doctors unleash the true health leader within each of them.


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