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Special guest and long-time ChiroTouch customer, Dr. Ron Simms, and ChiroTouch Specialist, Dr. Brian Blask discuss the business of chiropractic in this recorded live webinar, while Dr. Simms elaborates on business principles he lives by and practice tips he’s learned in his chiropractic journey, along with a short Q&A session after. Join us in this 30-minute webinar as they talk about the following topics:

  • Business Approach in Chiropractic
  • The Subject of Business in Chiropractic School
  • The 4 Elements to Developing a Successful Practice
  • Business Tips for the Modern Chiropractor

We had the pleasure of having Dr. Ron Simms on a Catch Up With ChiroTouch podcast where he talked about the 4 stages of business – launching, building, scaling, and exiting. Due to its popularity, we held a live webinar where he further elaborated on his principles in the chiropractic business, along with a short Q&A session from attendees.

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About Guest Speaker, Dr. Ron Simms

Dr. Ron Simms is a 12-year ChiroTouch customer and is the founder of Back to Health Chiropractic, and a believer in utilizing the chiropractic approach that focuses on identifying and correcting the cause of an individual’s health problems. He is a passionate health educator and life coach to his clients and community, placing an emphasis on whole food nutrition counseling and personalized rehabilitation instruction. As a health and wellness expert, he has become a regular teacher and coach to over 50 greater Sacramento companies, community organizations, schools, and churches. He is an active member of the CCA and CORE Sacramento.


About Host, Dr. Brian Blask

Dr. Brian Blask graduated magna cum laude from New York Chiropractic College in 2008. He served several years in a private practice in Syracuse, NY and four years selling medical equipment to chiropractors. Over the last four years, he has demonstrated the efficiencies and benefits of ChiroTouch to more than 1,000 chiropractic professionals. Currently, he lives in Syracuse, NY with his wife and 8-year old twins.


ChiroTouch provides this information with the understanding that authors or speakers are not experts in finance, regulatory policy or law. ChiroTouch shares this information to the best of our knowledge and experience. The information is subject to change as the COVID-19 crisis evolves.

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